Clare Blog Week 3: Magenta Ball Crawlers (Tyrannosaurus X)

Since all the teams now have a few games under their belts I will be finishing this weeks blog with an updated tier list.

Game 1: The Big Bad Wolf

The Draft: After watching the Boruto Prophet debut last week against Pogchimps 2.0 we knew we couldn’t let Tx get the roaming heroes she got last week. Since Tx had first pick we decided to ban both Riki and Spirit Breaker and they banned Necrophos allowing them to snag Venomancer. We returned fire with a Lich, Earthspirit support combo and Tx took Nyx, which we presumed to be for Vuvu in the offlane. Second round Potato picked Bristle offlane and Lycan safe whereas Ball Crawlers chose Lion and Mirana for thier support duo. For the final round we chose to counter their last pick of mid Lina with a Viper, by JJ’s own request. Although lacking in lockdown our draft felt solid with extremely strong lanes and a Lycan who would be unstoppable within BKB buff.

The Game: As expected our lanes went very well gaining a large early XP gain largely due to Lich and a small gold lead. Adrian put in work on the Earth Spirit gaining us some additional early kills as well. During the later stages of the game taking objectives became difficult despite our lead due to impressive teamfight from the enemy team combined with A2K’s heavy splitpush style. We also made some mistakes and lacked TP cancels that enabled Tx’s team to hold out past the 50 minute mark. The game ended with a2k double rapier Lina attempting to base race us only to be caught and killed by Lycan and Earth Spirit prompting a swift GG call. Although we held a strong advantage all game A2K’s lina made it feel as if we could lose at anytime, if we had of let him base-race us he probably would have won. The rest of the Magenta Ball Crawlers however were entirely at the mercy of Potatoes Lycan that ended the game with a 10/1/17 score giving him the highest Kills and Assists as well as the lowest number of Deaths.

Game 2: Trilane Woes

The Draft: With first pick available for us in game 2 we chose to ban Riki and Lich so we could take SB for ourselves. Tx banned Underlord instead if Necrophos allowing her to take the Necro, plus Jakiro. We had to think a bit about our second pick since Adrian oddly decided he did not want to play Spirit Breaker any more. After some consideration we chose to run SB as a the 5th position and give Adrian his Rubik for the 4. Tx surprised us round 2 with a S̶k̶e̶l̶e̶t̶o̶n̶ Wraith King pick followed by a Vengeful Spirit pick. Potato responded with Tidehunter and the more standard safelaner, Monkey King. Assuming a Safelane WK and mid necro we banned Clockwerk and picked JJ’s legendary Sniper. Tx surprised us once again by capping the draft with a last pick Storm Spirit. I was slightly concerned about how we would deal with Storm Spirit jumping our Sniper and how well 5th position SB would work out, but more than anything I was immensely confused on how Tx was going to run her lanes.

The Game: First priority of game 2’s laning stage was figuring out and, if nesasary, adapting to, the enemy lane composition. After smoking out of our base and seeing where the opposing team was sitting it was immediately clear that they were aggro-trilaning with Deadprez Storm mid and A2K Necro solo safelane. Although Necro vs. Tide seemed like a rough matchup for us we kept our lanes as they were confident we could beat the Venge core trilane. The hero matchup alone should have given us a good chance agaisnt Tx and the gang but some poor play on thier part turned top lane into a slaughterhouse with the total kill score tallying 14–4 in our favour at the ten minute mark. Necro came put ahead of bottom lane as expected and Sniper had a lead over Storm with the total exp and gold falling slightly in our favor. We were able to stay ahead objective wise for the remainder of the game with A2K’s Necro being a much weaker splitpusher than Lina. Highground, however, proved troublesome once again, with Storm Spirit jumping our Sniper and Venge swapping our Monkey away from us in every fight. But we prevailed in the end with a 56 minute victory.

Conclusion: Our first ace

After two 1–1 series we finally get a 2–0. It feels pretty good to end the weekend with no regretable losses and I hope we can continue to rack up wins in the following weeks. Although my team still has plenty of room to improve this season we definatley felt stronger this week than in previous one with our drafts if not also our play.

The Other Teams:

Note I didn’t watch any of these games, all opinions and 🔥 are based on Dotabuffs and rumors. Tier list is featured after the week 3 results.

Mantis vs. Gharnef (2–0): Old man stack slays the weebs truman style with a crushing 2–0.

Gskw vs. racc9 (1–1): Gachi becomes the first team to take a win of off racc9 in a game with an absolutely appalling draft from the former undefeated team.

Shea Dr. vs. Smackdicks (1–1): Is it that hard to just ban Shea Dr. Clockwerk?

Ultragunner vs. CRAP (1–1): CRAP vs Ultra, literally. Real one man shows on both teams.

Chance vs. MJJ (1–1): Dihy roaming laser tinker not proving to be as effective as jungle tinker. Fallen-god the battlefury seller is underated tbh.

aTran vs. Kodos (2–0): ReUnited flexing on Kodos this week with an easy 2–0. Shame our retarded system has screwed them with a week one BYE.

tiGGer vs. MangoGirl (2–0): With this victory tSwift is now claiming his team isn’t the worst in the league, but the third worst team in the league. Holder of second worst is still undecided.

Poonani vs. Truckwaffle (2–0): Two retards but only one Victor. I couldn’t actually find these games but I think they happened.

Exp got a BYE: Ryrk blessed with two weekends in a row of not playing with his team.

Power Rankings

Top Tier-Destined for Playoffs

Mantis: This team was tough to win even a single game against and they have made that game against me their only loss. A combination of Mantis’ drafting prowess and value 3k picks has this team tied for first place. Glad I won’t have to play them again any time soon.

aTran: My bebi♡ has managed to assemble a terrifying team who if not gimped by a week one BYE would undoubtedly be sitting next to Mantis on the leaderboards right now. I just hope they don’t start losing games or Treyn and aTran will go full emo and the team will fall apart with no Panda to hold it together this season.

Shea Dr: Although their record isn’t incredible I still think this team has a scary roster and a proven captain at the helm. Would rather not face these guys.

Upper Tier-Playoff Contenders

Racc9: Although tied for first this team doesn’t strike me as top tier with no blowout victories and or strong teams slain. If they manage to beat Mantis this week I think they become top tier. Otherwise they are just above average with many more losses coming their way.

Smacktricks: This team should have been great but Linkdx is getting too much pussy to play Dota anymore. I still think they have a chance to make playoffs but they aren’t going to live up to their full potential unless Linkdx stops being a chad and gets gud.

GSKW: This team is decent but not incredible. They have value players like Aug and Negative but they aren’t playing like the value players I know they are. I personally blame Gachi’s captaining.

Gharnef: A rough 2–0 loss to Mantis has hurt this team’s standing but I think they can still beat most other teams. Unfortunately it seems pretty certain that they won’t be winning it all with how hard they lost this week.

Chance: Similarly to Gharnef this team is in the upper half but unlikely to be much more than that. Chance mid isn’t yet at it’s fullest power and may not be till after the season ends. Luckily the rest of his team is still doing okay.

Lower Tier-Bottom half

tiGGer: Team tiGGer has a 4–2 which makes it look like they should be in the upper Tier. I’m convinced that this score has been obtained purely through fortunate matchmaking. Now they have to face some good teams it is likely their losses will overtake their wins by week 6.

Poonani: This team should be doing better than they are given the players they have but they aren’t. Matchups have been rough on these guys and they aren’t getting any easier as they are against Gharnef next week. Unless they bring up their game a notch this team may have more losses than wins.

Ultragunner: A team that rests entirely on Ultra’s back may not be without wins but they aren’t going to get to the playoffs unless the other members really step up to the plate. In other words they aren’t making playoffs.

CRAP: Crap is a pretty good player but that is all this team has going for it. Still doing better than I originally thought they would but I thought they were going to do really bad.

MJJ: Fallen is a god but this team is just lacking compared to everyone else. Will probably end the season with a 50% winrate just like they currently have.

Bottom Tier-Playoff Lockouts

Truckwaffle: Going 1–5 and then getting a BYE makes this team the least likely to get to finals mathematically. That alone puts them in the my lowest tier group.

MangoGirl: I don’t feel the need to justify this.

Tyrannosaurus X: I believed in this team because A2K did. Now A2K has lost faith and so have I. Vuvu has a combined 6/68 score the worst in the league, t̶r̶u̶l̶y̶ ̶a̶ ̶t̶e̶a̶m̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶h̶o̶p̶e̶.̶ ̶

EDIT: Apparantly A2K has hope, they were just going easy on us by not picking Boruto Prophet.

exp: 1–3 is better than 1–5 but still pretty awful. This team looked bad on draft day and are proving me right in their games.