SEAL Week 1/7: Clare vs. Smack

Disclaimer: I can’t access these replays anymore so I’m not sure about some of the bans. Format heavily inspired by, blog-god, Danny

Game 1:

Overall Strategy: My analysis of Smacks team is that Osis is the star player that I need to worry about with Smack and Kizu as a strong, but not scary, mid/safe duo. I assume Osis will get what he wants out of his lane no matter what we do; so the general plan this game was to have the supports ditch safelane and focus on winning the other lanes, hard. Most importantly I wanted Ryrk to have the ability to snowball out of control.

Phase 1

Smack Bans: Invoker/Spirit Breaker

I assume these were respect bans for me and Ryrk. Both heroes are also very strong in the SEAL environment

Clare Bans: Axe/Abbadon

Respect bans for wunderkid Osis. I thought making sure DerpyDots didn’t require help in the safelane was very crucial to winning laning phase so I didn’t want to give Osis a hero he could wreck with.

Clare Pick: Rubik

ButteryGreg’s most played hero and a solid support hero with the added bonus of countering the likely clockwork pick. I had picked this for him in our scrim as well and knew he could make it do work.

Smack Picks: Clockwork/Ursa

Ursa, a hero that is strong in lane and smack likes to play combined with the hot roaming support, Clockwork, seemed like understandable choices. This also gave their draft some versatility as both heroes work well in two different roles.

Clare Pick: Kunkka

I picked myself Kunkka since he is not only a comfort hero for me but also offers good kill potential in the mid lane with his massive range torrent. I wasn’t totally convinced on this pick though since it meant our support duo didn’t put out great damage in laning phase but I couldn’t think of anything better.

Phase 2

Smack Bans: Juggernaut/??

Juggernaut is a solid safelane hero that Derpy also played well in our scrim (which smack was apart of) so this ban makes sense in that regard. However it did surprise me a little since they had Ursa which I consider a good enough Juggernaut counter to not want to pick the hero. Don’t remember the other one tbh.

Clare Bans: Magnus/Legion Commander

More bans for wunderkid Osis. I personally wanted to ban Bristleback instead of legion but derpy insisted he could deal with a bristly easier so that was that.

Smack Picks: Lich/Natures Prophet

Lich is Karen’s best hero but I still didn’t expect the pick considering Smack’s resistance to picking it in our echo league team. Then they picked Natures Prophet which I still don’t understand the full reasoning behind.

Clare Picks: Bristleback/Storm Spirit

Still a little afraid of Bristleback I picked it for Toes. I figured it could deal with the Ursa decently since Clock and Lich would probably be in other lanes. After Smack’s NP pick it was clear that they lacked hard lock-down so we chose to abuse this with a storm pick.

Phase 3

Smack Ban: I don’t remember this one either.

Damn ticket came to late…smh

Clare Ban: Antimage

We picked Storm it’s the only logical thing to ban

Clare Pick: Faceless Void

We took a while trying to figure out the best possible hero for derpy to deal with the challenge of getting liched in lane and clocked in fights and this was clearly the best pick.

Smack Pick: Puck

Seemed the best way to deal with the sudden storm issue presented to them.

Game Analysis

Lanes went well with Derpy shrugging off the annoying Lich/NP dual lane and me and Greg making kills happen as a roaming duo. Toes had some issues in the offlane but that seemed to mostly be because clock decided to live up there instead of roaming. After that Ryrk just killed everything.

Game 2:

Overall Strategy: Same idea as before.

Phase 1

Smack Bans: Invoker/??

I don’t remember what the second ban was but it didn’t bother us much, maybe Bristleback?

Clare Bans: Axe/Abbadon

Respect bans for wunderkid Osis. No need to change what isn’t broken.

Smack Pick: Spirit Breaker

I was really excited that he didn’t ban SB so I could play him this time but then he ruined it by taking it for himself.

Clare Picks: Clockwork/Rubik

More Rubik for Greg and a clock for myself which of course does a much better job of roaming than Kunkka.

Smack Pick: Warlock

A good overall support not much to see here.

Phase 2

Smack Bans: Outworld Devourer/???

They probably banned OD since we banned Nyx and needed a mid

Clare Bans: Magnus/Nyx Assassin

I see no reason not to just ban the whole offlane when facing Osis.

Clare Picks: Legion Commander/Razor

Legion is a hero I really like and can deal with warlocks lane harassment incredibly well. Additionally with both supports already picked and OD banned their was seemingly no good save heroes remaining to stop duels. Razor is a strong hero.

Smack Picks: Lone Druid/Lina

Lina is a really solid mid hero that tends to just win lanes by default so this pick seemed pretty smart. The lone druid however caught us off guard, didn’t really seem to offer much and were surprised Smack played it since we were pretty sure Osis wouldn’t be playing it. I did also feel legion (which we picked first this phase) dealt with both heroes reasonably well.

Phase 3

Smack Ban: No idea

Probably a mid hero we didn’t want.

Clare Ban: Sand King

I was going to ban Puck since it seemed to make sense in their draft and I know Osis likes it. However Ryrk suggested Sand King and after some thought I decided SK was objectively a scarier hero with the warlock combo.

Smack Pick: Puck

Expected but didn’t make me regret the SK ban.

Clare Pick: Windrunner

We needed a hero that could deal with Lina’s strong laning and Ryrk decided that WR was the best choice for the job so I picked it.

Game Analysis

Lanes went even better than game one with all of them winning pretty hard. I spent most of my time mid and managed to score Ryrk a couple kills on Lina. This forced both of their supports to rotate in and did ultimately lead to my death but meant that all lanes were loss for them with Derpy and Toes happily taking advantage of the concentrated attention in the midlane. With Greg rotating around the map to secure more kills we had a hefty advantage early on. The rest of the game was us getting constant pick offs and objectives until after a couple successful teamfights Smack conceded at an early 27 minutes.

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