Lost and found in Singapore

This is one of the funny incidences that I recall from Singapore which took place on the 6th day of the trip. On day 1 this gentleman (Mr. X) from the group approaches me at the Malaysian airport which was the first point of the trip. He asks me “I have heard that there is a place on the itinerary where people get lost?” I replied there is no such place and he need not worry.“We are here to have fun. Be with the group and I am always going to be around.”
Everything was as per schedule for the first few days. Basic orientation, sightseeing, touring of Malaysia, went for the Kuala Lumpur sightseeing watched the PETRONAS Tower. At the end of the day after dinner Mr. X asks me the same question again and I repeated the same words of comfort. Two days passed, the 3rd day on the itinerary was Genting Highlands. After 3 days we had finished our Malaysia trip. We took a 5 hr journey from Malaysia to Singapore and enjoyed a lot during transition. We arrived at Singapore and proceeded with check-in into the hotel. We went for a lovely night safari at 6 pm. All was well and the entire group was having a great time.
Next day morning after breakfast we proceeded for the Singapore city tour which was 4–5 hrs. It began at 9 am and everything was as per schedule. We boarded the bus; information about the first destination (Orchid Garden) was given. We roamed the garden and re-boarded the bus. I took the normal head count (counting every family head) and everyone said all are aboard the bus. As Mr. X used to sit on the 2nd row he used to be under my eye. I asked him where his wife was he said she is unwell so she is sitting at the back of the bus. We started towards our next destination to Merlion and all was as per schedule. We again boarded the bus and the regular headcount was taken and everyone said that all were in. We went further to Gems Gallery, by now 2hrs of the city tour were done. After Gems gallery we boarded the bus, again I asked all the family heads and they said all were in. Mr. X comes to me and says that his wife is not with him. I thought he was joking because he was expressionless. I told him not to fool and to stop pulling my leg. We started from there; again he approached me saying that his wife is missing. I was worried this time and pulled the bus over. I asked him to recollect when he last saw her. To which he replied that she wasn’t there at Gems gallery or Merlion. Now all of us were tensed it was concluded that she was missing from Orchid Garden. We took the bus back there. Now the imposing situation was such that; where to hunt here in the vast acres? We strategized and made 2 men teams. Mr. X was still aloof and not participating. We covered the entire ground but to no avail. It was now lunch time and she wasn’t there so we alerted the authorities and asked them to contact us in case they spot her. We left for our hotel to have lunch.
On our way there we get a call saying that the lady has been taken near the US Embassy in Singapore. We rushed there and found her standing near the gates on the sidewalk. All this time Mr. X was expressionless. What unveiled later was a story right of our age old Bollywood. The bus was parked to one side of the narrow lane resulting in traffic behind. The lady walked on to the center of the road as her husband got off the bus. She stopped the traffic on the opposite side as she walked onto the road. The two of them took a few moments while onlookers started gathering. Then they ran towards each other oblivious of the ruckus they had created. She was teary eyed while Mr. X was still expressionless. My!! It was a sight to behold. We didn’t know whether to laugh or get serious. This was a case of Lost & found in Singapore.

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