Google APIS ClickJacking ( $1337)

Myo Min Thu
Feb 5 · 2 min read

Hi everyone,

Today i want to tell how i got $1337 from google bug bounty program.I find security vuln at many google subdomain,But i does not found any vuln.

I try to search using google dork for open redirect.In this case i don’t know that google does not pay for open redirect ( note . If you want to find vuln,you need to read program rule first).

I use this google dork

site:* inurl:href=http

I found some url. I try to embbed all url in iframe because i see one clickjacking writeup in facebook.

<iframe width=500 height=500 src="[here google plus id ]"></iframe>

But i got 404 error page.I does not know what to make to get webpage’s ui.I reflesh the webpage.Boom!! got google plus profile page.

I am so happy

The reason for the 404 is that the whole UI is going down (planned shutdown of Google+ - ).

I report to google and google vrp accepted my report.They pay me $1337.

Google HOF :

    Myo Min Thu

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