How to Design a Journey to Better Self-Esteem

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How to design a journey to better self-esteem

As mentioned earlier, the road to a better self-esteem can be tough on you. It might take you a few days to get there or maybe, even a few years. However, the key to success lies in not giving up. You must be persistent in your approach.
You will be facing challenges on this journey and there will be days when you feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. But, this is not the time to get upset or quit. Instead, pick yourself up and keep going. Of course, you will be needing support during these moments. So, make sure you get it from various sources. Your support could come from loved ones such as friends and family or maybe in the form of more professional guidance through your psychologist or therapist. Do not ever hesitate to seek support.
In the meantime, here are a few pointers to encourage you and to keep you on the path to improved self-esteem. You could start your day with these quotes to get that initial boost of encouragement and enthusiasm.
Be yourself. Never try to imitate other people. You are an original product and you’re great at it. You’re here for a purpose and that’s all you need to ever worry about.
Life isn’t perfect and it never will be. So, stop waiting for happiness or success and just make it happen. The more you move forward, the stronger you will grow. The stronger you become, the easier it’ll be for you to handle future challenges. Success and happiness will eventually follow.
Low self-confidence isn’t a curse that you can’t get rid of. You can get rid of it. All you need to do is learn the various methods to boost your self-esteem and never quit.
Learn to believe in yourself because that’s what matters at the end. You will always come across situations and people that will try to drag you down. Ignore them. Use even the slightest spark of hope in you to help you move forward.
Learn to overcome fear. There is only one way to do this and that is to face your fears. If you’re afraid of something, don’t run away from it. Instead, charge ahead and face it head on.
You have control. You may not control the circumstances, situations, and people around you, but you definitely control the way you react to them. You can either give up and roll into a ball of sadness or learn to stand up to unfavorable situations or people. You are the sculptor of your destiny.
Ignore the voices that discourage you. In fact, the moment you sense discouragement from within yourself, counter it by doing exactly the opposite. If you inner voices tell you that you can’t learn a musical instrument, immediately sign up for a music class.
Failure may not be an option, but it’s going to happen anyway. The best thing you can do with failure is to learn from it. Some of the best scientific inventions and artwork were the result of several trials and errors. Failure is what helps you identify faults and guides you to perfection.
Explore your capabilities. You’ll never know what you are capable of until you try everything. You might be at a stage when life can seem confusing. If you’re clueless about your strengths and abilities, the best way to identify them is to actually experiment and explore. Eventually, you’ll be able to narrow down your search and identify your skills, talents, and capabilities.
Don’t always be try to right. Confidence does not come from being right. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Confidence comes from being able to overcome the fear of going wrong. Everybody makes mistakes, but a confident person admits his/her mistakes and puts in the effort to fix it.
Always prepare. The best way to face challenges in life is to be prepared. If you’re writing an exam, study. If you’re giving a speech, practices. Proper preparation eliminates fear and gives you the confidence to take challenges head on. Even if your preparation doesn’t fit the challenge to a T, it will still provide you with enough strategies to handle unforeseen circumstances or problems.
So, the next time you’re feeling down, just look at these motivational thoughts and begin your day with a dose of encouragement.




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