Benefits of Buying Villas in Bangalore

With a multitude of posh entertainment and residential complexes, and the prominence of IT giants such as Wipro, Infosys, TCS and HCL, Bangalore has become the ultimate villa-destination. More high-end localities such as Malleshwaram, Richmond Town, Koramangala, in particular, are witnessing a massive boom in villas and luxury residences. Villa-living, a concept popular in Europe and the US, gained credence in India about 8 years ago. The concept has caught on in Indian metros and Tier- I cities, with young, hip cities like Pune and Bangalore leading the pack.

Villas have always been viewed as a premium buy, and often turn into a status symbol for affluent home buyers. However, the potential investment benefits, as well as the other benefits that come with a villa property, far outweigh the aesthetic and surface benefits, and add up to a wonderful experience.

Villa developers often leave no stones unturned in providing home-owners with the most premium and opulent of amenities, making the experience of owning a villa as blissful as possible. Godrej Gold County, for instance, offers 87 spacious villas on Tumkur Road, with add-ons such as a luxurious swimming pool, clubhouse and vast open spaces, to sweeten the deal.

Connectivity In and Around Bangalore

Investing in residential villas in Bangalore, makes for a smart investment, as evidenced by the recent flurry of interest among buyers. There are several reasons for this, ranging from stellar facilities, infrastructure and connectivity, to more holistic factors as well.

When it comes to connectivity, Bangalore is strategically placed, with National Highways 4, 7 and 48, providing on-road connectivity to Nagpur, Hyderabad, Pune, Varanasi and Mangalore. Bangalore is well-connected to major cities and towns in Karnataka and the rest of India. The well-maintained infrastructure and connectivity of the city, make it a good option for buyers looking for a residential villa.

Investment-benefits Of A Villa

Villas are considered a particularly sound investment in the real estate market, despite factors such as rising inflation, space-crunch and the current lull in residential real estate. Villa properties in Bangalore, and in other cities, tend to show greater appreciation in value, as opposed to flats, apartments and other residential properties, especially in the long term.

Although villas do not command very high rent prices, compared to apartments, the investment returns make them a very lucrative asset. Villa residences make a great home option as well, with spacious rooms, luxurious décor and plenty of outdoor space to play and relax in.

A number of India’s premier educational institutes and universities, as well as major company offices, are located in Bangalore, clustered around localities such as Whitefield, HSR Layout, and Ring Road. The presence of major multi-national corporations and conglomerates such as Hitachi, IBM India, Intel Technology, Bosch Engineering, in the city, makes investing in apartment or villa properties in Bangalore, a smart choice.

Bangalore — Tactical Benefits of Investing

Quite apart from practical investment-gyaan proclaiming the benefits of villa-investment, there is the added sheen of the sheer privilege of owning a villa, that makes villas a very attractive investment option for NRIs and affluent resident Indians. The privilege and prestige that come with owing a villa, is undeniable. Villas these days, also come with increased security features, akin to gated communities. Those worried about staying in a stand-alone residence with no security measures, can opt for gated-villas, that offer the privacy of a villa, with the added security of an apartment complex.

Buying a villa has numerous benefits, ranging from investment-perks, to connectivity and infrastructural amenities. Being a premium villa-destination, the process of booking a residential villa in Bangalore is very streamlined and stress-free. Quite apart from all the tactical benefits, the utter ease with which one can buy and maintain a villa here, adds to the attractive appeal of being a villa-resident in this charming city.

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