The website of the online trading card game (TCG) Gods Unchained, welcomes you by a huge video teaser playing in the background containing the main characters of the game, the gods.

The teaser running in the background shows Elyrian, God of Magic, and Auros, God of War.

There are two main actions presented “Start your Deck”, which actually let’s you buy packs/cards, and “Watch the Trailer” which brings you to the 43 seconds trailer:

godsunchained.com Investors: Continue Capital, Nirvana Capital, coinbase, SORA VENTURES

Partners & Investors

In the next section partners and investors are presented. This list is really impressive. Worth mentioning is coinbase. Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currencies.

Tournament Prizepool

Following on the godsunchained.com website, you’ll find the current prizepool. Gods Unchained and Fuel Games plan a tournament for the game in early 2019.

In the moment of writing this, the prizepool was $340.056.

10% of all pack sales go into the prizepool. Because the packs are sold in ETH, but the price pool is displayed in USD, the actual number 
is subject to fluctuations.

Finding a Mythic Titan

All over the godsunchained.com website, you will find information about how many mythic titans are remaining. Mythics are cards in Gods Unchained that exists once. There is only one exemplar of a mythic, which makes them super rare and desirable.

The first mythic “Hyperion” was sold in an action for 
146.279 ETH (approx. 30.000 USD).

World Class Game Experience

godsunchained.com works with award-winning artists, to create a stunning trading card game. Some of the game material is available on the godsunchained.com website:

The Gods Unchained Game Board

Ownership of Cards via Blockchain

What makes godsunchained.com so special, and differentes it from e.g. Hearthstone or Magic (the online version), is that you actually own the digital assets (cards) on the Ethereum Blockchain. Furthermore the immutable smart contracts responsible for selling the cards, guarantee the scarcity of every creature, spell and weapon in the godsunchained.com universe.

Game Features

The most important section on godsunchained.com is the one informing of the future features of the game.

  • The first Gods Unchained season, called Genesis contains 380 cards, which are being sold in an exclusive presale.
  • The game creators not only have in-house expertise for making blockchain games, but also in creating competitive, balanced and strategic trading card games.
  • Even though it’s a card game, it will be about adaptive strategies, depending on the chosen god powers, the game will demand adaptive strategies in order to win battles.
  • Each god has different play styles, and you’re asked to choose your devotion. Choose between the God of Light, War or Magic or the Goddess of Death, Nature or Deception

The Roadmap

Last but not least, godsunchained.com presents you the roadmap.

In the moment of writing this, the release of the beta is eagerly-awaited in the gamers community.

Worth mentioning on the godsunchained.com roadmap is not only the tournament in Q1 2019 but also a release of a VR (virtual reality) version of the game in 2019.


Gods Unchained Cards