God Shiba: The Token That Gives Back To Charity

With over 6000 various altcoins available, the cryptocurrency market has evolved rapidly, especially this year. In the dawn of fun crypto projects like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu Coin and more, the token economy is a booming yet competitive market.

One newcomer that is differentiating itself in the saturated space is God Shiba ($GSHIB). Described by its founders as “the allfather of crypto”, God Shiba was founded by a group of crypto enthusiasts from the Netherlands and is set to make its debut in the crypto world in September 2021.

God Shiba aims to not just reward its investors financially but also helps those in need by giving back to charity. According to God Shiba’s website, the goal of the token is to “create a community built on trust, spirit, and wisdom”. Their aim is to save animals and their habitat through charity, and to reward the stakeholders through staking and lottery.

God Shiba also aims to be truly decentralized and to reward both its loyal holders and charitable causes. It claims to set itself apart from other tokens due to its rewards in staking as well as its daily lottery.

By staking God Shiba tokens holders will automatically earn rewards, and according to its website, the longer investors hold, the more they will earn. Furthermore, 0,5% of every transaction will be used for the lottery. The company is also developing a game that allows users access to a God Shiba wallet where they will be able to safely store their tokens, NFTs and play to earn.

In a nutshell: The community-focused and decentralized charity token aims to expand and operate over the long term and regularly reward the investors and the community.

God Shiba private sale is happening on 11th September 2021 and the public sale is going live on 18th September 2021.

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Can’t wait to learn more? Head on over to God Shiba’s website today.



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