The Way It Is -12

Have you ever had someone, while explaining something to you, say “and that’s the way it is, period?” Meaning something cannot be changed! I have! And, also I asked are you telling me that’s the way it is for me?

I find it very hard for me to accept “and that’s the way it is!” I’ve been told “it’s written in stone and that means IT CAN”T BE CHANGED! You can tell me that someday I am going to die! I will accept that, but if you tell me that when I die I will either go to Heaven or Hell you have an argument on your hands! I will not accept another mortal telling me how good or how bad I’ve been. If I break the law of the land, then judge me, but if you start making rules and calling them religion, get off my back! I have standards, but they are my standards and I will not judge you by my standards and I don’t expect you to judge me by yours. Millions have died following other people’s standards or rules!

The organized religions are ruled by mostly old men! Many are so old that they have forgotten how exciting life can be! I have found that often yesterday’s “the way it is” does not unlock today’s life styles. Religions seldom leave room for progress or changes in life styles!

Let’s look back in time; we will find most of yesterday’s wars were caused by thinking of someone knowing we can’t compromise with those bad people! And, both sides believe the other side is all bad people! Often people are only judged by which organized religion’s doors they walk through. Just a few hundred years ago, right here in my own country, “Native Americans” those (heathens and savages) were burned at the stake if they would not give up their beliefs and convert to the missionary’s Christianity!

As late as a few days ago I was told by one of the organized religions that it was the only TRUE religion! But I don’t get my unquestionable answers from any organized religion! Even though I can’t be sure if creation is a religion, but I can reach out and touch it! And, I find I have an unquestionable faith in something I can touch! Do you? And tell me this; wasn’t it really mortals, not a God, that wrote all the words in all those Holy books?

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