Review of Crowdfunding Services

Beyondbuzz has been one of the best platform for crowdfund promotion. This platform has help a lot of individuals and groups to be able to raise funds to finance their various projects. They offer crowd funding promotion, consulting service for the project from start to finish. However, here is an article of someone who wants to start an amazing project and would need your support. Enjoy.

I’m launching a crowdfunding project soon on Kickstarter and I’ve been preparing endlessly. My dream has always been to own my own business and be my own boss. Ever since I was a child I wanted to be an entrepreneur. For the past several months I have been developing a new mobile phone charger that is unlike anything on the marketing today. I have the plans, prototype, and manufacturing ready to make a small production run and get started. My only problem is I need the funding. About $50,000 to be exact would be required to make it happen.

Crowdfunding seems like a great option to get the funding. After extensive research into using the Kickstarter platform, I realized that I need help to promote my project. At first I was simply going to post it up there and hope for the best. But after speaking with crowdfunders who were successful on Kickstarter they game me the inside scoop of what I need to do. It seems that marketing and promote is the key to a winning project, and the crowdfunders I spoke with were not ashamed to recommend hiring a good crowdfund marketing service.

One name that kept coming up was Beyond Buzz. I’ve been looking into a number of marketing services to help me promote the project once it goes live and so far has stood out. For one thing, Beyond Buzz reviews your crowdfunding idea before making an offer to help you promote it. All the other crowdfunding services seemed less interested in my crowdfunding idea and more interested in selling me something. was a breath of fresh air because they were just as excited about getting my idea funded as I was. They were more interested in making sure we’d be successful rather than just making a sale. But that’s not what really made me chose them over other services. It was their pricing and partnership plans. makes an offer to actually partner with you on your crowdfunding venture. Instead of just taking an upfront fee like other services, they make most of their money on a percentage of the sales they bring you.

Everything that Beyond Buzz has told me about crowdfunding has been very spot on. You can tell that they only hire competent people that are experienced with crowdfunding. Although I wasn’t expecting to hire a huge fortune 500 company or anything, their firm feels like a nicely run organization. Other crowdfunding services I contacted felt like it was one guy sitting behind a computer screen emailing me back and forth and telling my to sign up on his website. BeyondBuzz definitely is a few miles ahead of their competition in terms of customer services and overall experience.

Without their help I felt very lost trying to figure out all the crowdfunding nuances by myself. It took me a while to learn how Kickstarter worked and how it's an all or nothing funding platform. The last thing I wanted to do was put all this time and money into my project and see it fail to hit the funding goal. I would be so embarrassed if my family and friends saw that. One thing I realized is that your crowdfunding launch is a reflection of how you run your business and how successful you will be overall. Since it was my first crowdfunding project, I didn’t want to mess that up and make big mistakes. That was the main reason why I ultimately partnered with Beyond Buzz. Now I had someone experienced on my team that could help me avoid all the big crowdfunding mistakes and make the project look more professional.

This summer it’s time to introduce my new mobile charger to the world. I have the project launch date set for this summer and I’m feeling more confident than ever that it will be successful. During the initial review of my idea they knew it would be a winner and quickly partnered with me. With their help I think I can take on the crowdfunding industry and win. Now I have never been closer to my goal of owning my own business and being my own boss! Wish me luck!