Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Toronto Sports Fanatic

Hockey, basketball, baseball,
I like them in this order;
My heroes growing up included the following:
A Swedish Drake fan,
The real velociraptor,
And, of course, “give me the cutter good doctor.”

The 6ix used to be a place where playoff dreams withered away and die,
Where stars used to leave or get traded elsewhere;
But T-Dot sings a different tune now ’cause we have:
A group of young studs who took the NHL by surprise,
The best backcourt in the NBA,
And one of the filthiest starting rotations in the MLB.

Is everyone ready?
Are we prepared?
To experience the following?
#StandWitness to history,
#WeTheNorth(ern) uprising,
And #LetsRise (more like #LetsFall right now, but whatever).

Originally published to Facebook on 04/12/2017