WSO2 Identity Cloud-Beta is released

WSO2 Identity Cloud is the latest cloud offering from WSO2, which leverages the functionality of WSO2 Identity Server’s identity and access management (IAM) capabilities, which manages billions of user identities at customer sites.

Identity Cloud provides configuring SSO with well known applications such as AWS, Salesforce, Concur etc. with minimal steps, and we can configure SSO with any other custom applications which supports SAML, OpenId Connect, WS Federation(Passive). When application doesn’t support those protocol, still we can configure SSO with those applications using Gateway application type. Here gateway take care of the session management on behalf the application. You can find more information here

Most of the time user’s have their own user store (LDAP/AD) with millions of users and they need to use those users to login to Cloud and SSO with their applications. WSO2 Identity Cloud agent will provide the feasibility to integrate your on-premise user stores (LDAP) with Identity Cloud. You can find more information here

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