California Roll Where is My Sushi?

Beheld reflection of face apparition like a fish out of water

And an alien to my eyes. Looking pale on a gold pan water

Capture. Come to California miss the Gold Rush. Living a settle

Down Lost Settler as those Panhandlers. Young Man migrates

Leaves the hustle and bustle of Lagos Nigeria. Cross the Lagoon

The Atlantic and Trans Pacific. For this? Almost dislodge eye

From left socket with Windshield Wiper of Camaro at the

Car Wash where I Labor. California Dreaming Just another

Dog Day afternoon at the Wash. Take me to the Car Wash

Somebody. Be car washing. Do not see Man with Afro washing

Shit. He rolls in on spanking White Escalade for the monthly

Detail ritual. Shinning Baldhead like Sword Excalibur. Spit

Cleaning Cadillac shield emblem on grill. Make it gleam. Buff it

For he likes to see reflection of his Head glow.

This is not the Movie, Car Wash. For this is the Real Deal.

Car washers: Alphonso from El Salvador, Gina of Guatemala. Domingo,

Alfredo, Danny and Crazy Ricardo, all Mexicans. But he claims Mexicali.

That still is in Mexico. Then there is this Jose from Cuba.

We don’t goof around. For Joe our tight ass Armenian

Boss says: “Hurry up. Can’t keep Customers waiting.

Time is Money. Keep it moving.” Jose the Skinny Leg Cuban

Likes the Actors in Car Wash the Movie. Saw it far too much

“Greatest Movie ever” Says Boy from Havana. Feeling down

Inside car cleaning. Can hear Jose loud. Singing dancing waxing

“Hell no! Not that Miami Sound Machine anthem again.” From

Gloria Estefan maybe. Reaching for Car ashtray to go smack

His head with it. Now he is shouting ole ole ole ole. Can also

Overhear Alfredo in background. “Orale Orale Just got paid

Friday night “ Just not feeling it today. Disregard ashtray. Clean

Potato chips, left over Gatorade. See shinny golden pennies all

Over seats and console. But this is not another gold rush. They

Say that ended with Reagan. Found under seat, a Baby pacifier

With mustache. Find it funny, and I laugh for first time all day.

Will keep and stick it up Jose’s. Can still hear him singing same

Old Song sounding like a Lawn Mower. There he go, working

And grinning with vacuum cleaner. Now he is singing Feeling

Hot Hot Hot how you feeling Hot Hot I am Hot you Hot. Coming

To America to hear Jose and Vacuumer? Look again at ashtray

Committing to hurting him if he keeps on going. But with head

Like Pitbull the Rapper. Ashtray will brake making Armenian

Mad. “You fired for Acura Lady pissed” Will stick with pacifier

“Jose!” “Yes my friend” “Enough with the singing. You are

Hurting my ears. You are not in Hollywood.” “I know but one

Day I Jose will go to Hollywood. Still now in San Jose actually”

“Keep Dreaming Jose. If your singing does improve like your

Vocabulary you do have a shot. For you actually said ‘actually”

After San Jose. Jose now that you jolly car washing. Let us all

Sing your Best Movie sound track Car Wash by Rose Royce”

“That’s my favorite song”. “Tell me about it, and Alfredo’s too”

“Why not just got paid” “Everybody on the Treble. One two

Three” Clap clap clap ooh oooh You might not ever get rich

But let me tell you it is better than digging the ditch this

Is not a place to be if you plan on been a star Come on

Ya’ all sing it with me sing with feeling now for me Working

At the car wash ooh oooh car washing Work and work Talking

About the car washing car wash those cars never seem to

Stop coming keep those lines and the machine humming

Hey get your car wash today oh oh oh car wash car washing

Here comes the Boss who minds if we act the Fool and the

Acura Lady. Fellas to be continued. Hand Lady her Car keys

Get tip a Dollar and all her shinny Gold pennies. Good luck

To me yea. Twenty nuggets exactly. Wash in Pan and put in

Pocket. Looks like it is going to be a Good Day. Just got paid.

Go to store, send Money home Western Union. And remember

To call Mama. Pick up calling card with Guinness, off course.

Thank God it is Friday. Bye “Bye my Amigos. Jose, no Karaoke

Tonight, next time” “Bye, I see you tomorrow again my friend”

“Tomorrows then” “Hey Africa! We form our own Band

We shall call us The Actuallys”

“My name ain’t Africa it’s Emeka if you’re Actually.”