Hot chocolate

Running Late. Walk into Starbucks by the

Lake for my Morning Latte. He was sitting

In the Corner. Wearing Dark Brown Fedora

Sporting Navy Blue Moccasins, sipping Mocha

Our eyes locked a moment as he looks up

From reading the Morning Papers

“Mamm. Can I take your order?”

“One Grande Hot Chocolate and Croissant please”

“What kind?” “Chocolate.” “You want it microwaved?”

“No, please. For I am in a Rush to Work.”

As I hurried to my Car. Damn. He so fine. Should have

Walk on by for a Date. And I messed up my

Order for that matter. “Chocolate Drink?”

“I am a Latte Woman!” Then I hear this

Voice from behind. “I believe in miracles

Were you from you sexy thing? Halt, and shivers

Then drop my Car keys. As he bends down to pick

Them up, and our eyes locks again. “I believe too

Oh. I so do. And I do love Dark Chocolates.” Moments later

Smooch and Tasty for it was Love at first sip. “Bye Bye Latte”