If this Jacket could talk

It will tell you to go hang your self you ugly Tie

Stop choking the Life out of him. Do let the Dude loose.

But Mama say; “Son, always Dress for Success for

You just never know whom you are going to run into”

So I always show up at the StartUp Company at Redwood City

Silicon Valley where I am stationed right behind

The Security Desk for Work. Always dressed up in Suit

White shirt and Tie. While the rest of the Engineers,

All picture of Success. Cruise in Decked in their Friday’s Best

Jeans and Tee shirts. Have notice some wearing Birkenstocks

with stockings. And still I am required to walk around the

Establishment observing and reporting everything I see

Looking sharp like the Boss. But I make far the list Money

What is that suppose to represent? Why am I not allowed

To appear like an Officer with Authority, fitted with Baton

Whistle and a Pistol? For God’s sake. On my Watch I have ran

In contact with so many Rich Geeks, you just cannot compute

Nothing has changed for me. Not even a vertical UPgrade

I am still Dressing for Success. Mother, are you listening?

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