The Top 5 Secrets to Getting Your Dream Job without having any Insider Connections … even if you are not the Most Qualified Candidate

Struggling to get your dream job? Tired of not getting your resume noticed?

Thinking that you don’t have the skills/expertise/experience to bag your dream job?

You aren’t alone. Millions of people admit to submitting infinite resumes, attending multiple walk-ins, sitting in multiple interviews and at the end of the day, not having even a single job offer letter. Yet, you are sitting idle, only wishing to get your dream job and “thinking to enjoy your personal and professional life” instead of taking action.

If you’re reading this article, it’s probably for one of these reasons:

– You are stuck in your Job hunt

– Or perhaps your career isn’t where you want it to be, and you want to take things to the next level.

– Or perhaps you’ve tried everything and it didn’t work and you are wondering what are you doing wrong in your job search

– Or perhaps you daydream about doing something you love, then come up with excuses why you can’t. But, deep down, you know they’re just excuses

It doesn’t matter if you’re yet to start your job hunt or already frustrated with no responses, these 5 secrets will help you accelerate your job hunt and instantly differentiates You from other candidates.

#1. Change your Attitude: Attitude determines Altitude

“They can’t be successful because they don’t have the required skills” – This is one of the most common excuse people give themselves to justify themselves.

However, Excellence is not about skill, but attitude. In order to get your dream job, you’ll have to banish excuses that get in your way. Even when you don’t get responses from recruiters, don’t lose hope, keep striving ahead and do your best.

Jack Welch, the youngest CEO General Electric had ever had, the CEO was able to grow the company from a respectable $14 billion to eventually become the world’s most valuable company, at an unimaginable $410 billion. You will not believe me if I tell you that as a child, Jack Welch stuttered badly. Such an affliction often has an adverse impact on one’s future and the person they become. Though he was unable to rid himself of the stutter until later in his life, he refused to allow his speech impairment to negatively impact his confidence. Welch recalls how his mother would bolster his self-esteem by attributing the stutter to his high intellect, often saying “It’s because you’re so smart. No one’s tongue could keep up with a brain like yours.”.

What changed? — ATTITUDE

What did his mother actually do? She helped Jack with a positive and confident attitude so that his stutter doesn’t cripple him.

Let me ask you: What is the GOOD NEWS about attitude being the most crucial part of success? It is — You can change it instantly.

Now, my question for you is:

#2. Take Proactive Control Of Your Job Search And Career

Do you know what do most people do when they start their job search?

They use reactive job search strategies — they look for job openings on various websites and then apply to ones that interest them. You know what they are actually doing — they are delegating their careers: to recruiters, to job boards, to the “default” path. But, if they don’t get any results, all they do is shrug and blame the job market and economic conditions.

When you send your resume to recruiters and respond to job board postings, you are really at the mercy of what comes up. So, what shall you do? Is very important to take proactive control of your job search and career. How? — By taking control of every single part of your job search.

This means:

  • Figuring out what your dream job is, not relying on a test to tell you.
  • Pitching employers in person, not waiting for a phone call.
  • Taking control of the interview, not passively answering questions. and many more.

In a proactive job search, you pick the companies and the jobs you are seeking. This way, you get the job that you chose and worked to get versus just hoping a good job comes your way through the recruiters and job boards. You scout out opportunities before they ever grace a job board or company website. This can be accomplished in many ways and is primarily referred to as accessing the hidden job market. Proactive job searching can include networking online or offline, informational interviewing, cold calling, targeting employers, creating a direct mail campaign, utilizing a value proposition letter, or simply reaching out to employers about potential opportunities before they become public knowledge. The idea is that, by incorporating these methods, you’re staying one step ahead of your competition.

The ultimate advantage of being a proactive job seeker is that you limit your competition, increase the odds in your favor, and save yourself from loads of frustration.

#3. Think from your Future Employer Perspective and modify your job search accordingly

When it comes to their careers, most people only think about what they themselves want, famously known as “I, I, I Syndrome”.

Yes, this is your Dream Job and what you want matters. But ironically, you’re more likely to get what you want when you focus on giving first.

Top performers know this. They study the market, employer, role and give them what they want. It is not easy Sometimes, our beliefs are so strong that we are unable to see things from others’ perspective.

Always remember humans are lazy by nature and your future employer is no different. So, if you spend extra time to tailor your application and make it more relevant to the company, they are less likely to miss the important details on your resume. Moreover, it will reduce their work while evaluating you, and trust me, they will appreciate that for sure.

Other benefits of thinking like an employer during your job search are:

  • You can easily differentiate yourself from the pool of job seekers
  • You can craft your interview answers and make them more relevant, based on your research on the company and their future goals and needs
  • Most importantly, you will not waste time applying for the companies that don’t meet your needs and expectations. You will only consider the companies that are in line with your needs and hence, you will come one step closer to discovering your dream job.

#4. Make your Resume stand out from the rest

What is the most important tool in the job application process?

Besides Networking with decision makers, I think one of the most important tools is Well-crafted Resume. Your resume is what will get your foot in the door and land you the interview you need to secure the position you’re applying for.

All those resumes you sent out may have been a waste of time. Research shows that recruiters spend an average of only 6.25 seconds looking at an applicant’s resume before deciding whether they are right for the job. So, it’s crucial that you differentiate your resume from the rest. Chances are, if you only received a canned email reply or no acknowledgment at all, nobody even read your resume. And the best part is you need to spend time only once to create your “Master Resume” and reap its benefits throughout the job search process.

There are some things which are standard and you can't change it even if you want to. I see people try to change the resume format as they wish, which is TOTALLY WRONG. I have added 3 resume templates at the end of this article, which will give the BEST RESUME TEMPLATES which are ATS (Applicant Tracking System) compatible and the most standardized ones.

The most important things for the resume are:

  1. Make sure your resume is tailored to the country where you are applying and industry of the company you are applying in OR Use most standardize resume template. A lot of people’s resumes have to be thrown out because legal requirements in some countries ban some specific personal information to be not shared on the resume
  2. Make sure your resume is ATS ( Applicant Tracking System) compatible, otherwise no matter how many keywords you use, the resume will be rejected by the AI system even before it reaches HR desk
  3. Look at the HEAT MAP of your resume — Make sure that top third of the resume and left half of the resume contains the most important information for the employer to call you for the interview
  4. Quantify your successes and the magnitude of your responsibilities— Numbers jump off the resume page. The golden rule of thumb is there should be at least one number/line in more than half of your resume. These numbers can be monetary values, timeframes, revenue generated, cost saved, total size, and any other accomplishments with quantifiable values. This can help your experiences have a greater impact.
  5. Add a well-written cover letter to truly stand out — Guess what? If a job application says to submit a resume, more than 99% of the applicants don’t bother to send a cover letter. So, if you send one, you are automatically placed in the Top 1% of your competition because it shows the hiring manager that you are truly interested because you have taken the extra time to write a cover letter.

(You will be able to download Resume Templates — Link is at the end of this post)

#5. Hidden Job Market: Apply for the Jobs That are never (ever) posted

I already introduced this concept earlier in this article. A lot of people ask me — Why does Hidden Job market exist? These jobs are hidden for a variety of reasons: because there is no urgent need to fill them; they don’t want the position to be advertised in public; because they haven’t fully clarified their needs yet; or because the position is confidential in nature.

But, what if you don’t have any existing network, no insider connections? No problem, you can build a network of targeted people who are willing to help you in your job search very fast.

I call this concept “Natural Networking”, by growing your network creatively. Think outside the box with your networking and utilize all of the tools and resources available to you. Always remember, always be authentic with your network. People see through you and if they sense any hint of selfishness, they will run away. The further you can cast your net, the more jobs you’re likely to catch. Remember, though, you need to nurture your network, so try to return the favor for those you do reach out to.

The first thing is to make a plan for growing your network. The top 3 things that you should do to make your life efficient while growing your network are:

  • Conduct engaging bi-weekly/ monthly get-togethers with your network at your home or any restaurant. Tell people to bring their friends along
  • Networking through social media, especially LinkedIn, using template messages. Use Chrome extension “AutoTextExplander” for these templates and write them quickly without wasting time
  • Collect Information and Expand Your Network with Informational Interviews- Informational interviews are a great way to learn more about a specific employer, profession, industry, or a job
  • Volunteer Smartly for Your Favorite Charity or Political Cause- whenever possible, volunteer to do something that is closely related to your field/profession
  • Your School/college alumni will be a very useful resource. It’s an opportunity to connect, hopefully, with old friends as well as meet new people you share an important life experience with. Always participate in school reunions and whenever possible, organize school reunions yourself.

The hidden job market isn’t necessarily secretive; it’s more like a game of hide and seek. Take the time to explore the different avenues to find hidden jobs, grow your network, and use the resources available to uncover what has been there all along. Your efforts will pay off.

There you go!! You are ready to get your dream job…

…or at least you are ready to overcome your fears and hesitations about your capability to get your Dream Job. Congratulations!! Now you just need to go out and be proactive in getting your Dream Job.

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Good luck and Happy Job Hunting!

PS: As promised, here is the link to download 3 resume templates:

I hope these strategies help you get your Dream Job faster. Let me know how it goes in the comments below.

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Top Career coach · Professional Speaker · Taught more than 100k students in 180 countries

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