WordPress Application on AWS with MySQL Database

Today we are gonna launch WordPress application on AWS instance and connect it to MySQL database provided by AWS RDS.

For creating AWS instance with the help of AWS EC2 services follow below mentioned steps in photos

Now just click on launch and your instances is launched.

Now use yum install httpd -y to install httpd on instance:

After installing httpd, now we have to start the services using systemctl start httpd command:

For installing WordPress we have to install some dependencies as shown below:

Now install WordPress application in {/var/www/html} with the help of curl command as shown below:

Now unpack the wordpress.tar.gz archive.

Now restart httpd service with systemctl restart httpd command.

For launching database use AWS RDS service as shown below:

After filling all the necessary details click on create database and your database is created.

Now create a database named wpdb inside MySQL database:

And now we are ready to use our WordPress application. Connect to your WordPress application using your instance IP:

After clicking ‘Let’s go’ all of the details will appear.

As you can see our application is running properly.

Leave a message in the comments if you require any further assistance!

GitHub Link :-

LinkedIn Link :-




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