5 Tips for Exceptional Customer Service on the Trade Show Floor

The saying that you can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make it drink is analogous to your attendees at the trade show. You have set up a great space, got a huge number of registrants, but what is the guarantee that they will come to your booth? No matter how much time you invest in perfecting your booth, your efforts will be reduced to dust if you don’t have a well-trained staff. Some of the basics like being polite and courteous are a must for anyone present to represent your brand at the trade show.

But are these traits enough? The answer is — not really if you want to stand out among the competition. With a sea of competitors available for people, your customers demand a lot today; they want a unique experience that they cannot find anywhere else. These interactions should be such that they leave a positive impact on visitors even after the event is over. Delivering on these
demands may need some homework, but to get started, let us look at 5 easy ways we’ve selected for excellent customer service on the tradeshow floor.

Acknowledge the visitor’s presence: A great way to be courteous is by acknowledging the presence of people. Ask your staff to take an interest in each visitor that visits your booth. Even if you are in a conversation with other customers, make eye contact with anyone who enters your booth, shake their hands and tell them that you’ll be with them in a few minutes. The idea of all this is to make everyone at the tradeshow feel equally important.

Forge connections: You know that you are not alone at the trade show and there must be several competitors there. Therefore, to differentiate yourself, you should avoid bad mouthing your competitors and instead listen to your customers’ needs carefully. Solving the pain points of your prospect is your job even if it is not related to your products directly. When you go out of your way
to help someone, you will build valuable connections that sooner or later will pay off in a big way. It also shows that you genuinely want to solve people’s problems and are not focused on achieving your sales goal.

Recognize your visitors’ needs: Understanding the needs and pain points of your visitors well before the trade show starts is surely going to exceed your prospect’s expectations. It will give you enough time to be prepared and give them an impression that your brand understands them like no other. Ask yourself, “Why will anyone come to your booth?,” “What are their job titles?,” “What should be your way to address them?,” “What matters most to them?,” etc. By preparing for such questions, you will have a more robust strategy and purpose to attend the trade show.

Be unique: The best way to stand out of the crowd is by turning your ordinary experience into extraordinary one. You must try your best to make your booth unique, after all, the booth is also a part of customer service and experience. The friendlier it is, the better the experience will be. Consider exploring interactive tools, digital integration and social sharing to build brand visibility and engage customer experiences.

Know your brand: Anyone who comes to a trade show is there to see what is new and to get their hands on new offerings. Therefore, it is essential that you know your brand and can talk about it in detail. You should be able to clearly articulate your main products, your best-sellers, your standings vis-à-vis your competitors and the next steps to purchase your products.

These were some of the tips on how to provide unmatched customer experience during trade shows. Let us now look at some of the things that you should completely avoid on the floor, for it can shatter the image of you and the brand you represent.
• Avoid eating and drinking
• Be punctual and avoid partying a night before the trade show
• Do not congregate in groups and ignore customers
• Do not bad mouthing competitors
• Be welcoming and do not act like your job is a forced punishment
• Give importance to sales pitch over conversations
• Avoid jumping into a laundry list of features and benefits
• Not acknowledging the presence of your customers with a smile
• Do not have preconceived notions of your customers
• Not following up on a customer after an interaction on the floor

The next time you are at a trade show, be sure to remember these tips to deliver a memorable customer service. Just think of it this way — you’ve worked so hard for this day and don’t want to ruin it by being rude to your guests. While you are it, don’t forget to shine your shoes, iron your shirts and blouses and be at your best. After all, sometimes appearances do matter!

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