What happens to you doesn’t matter

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.”
- Marcus Aurelius

What happens to you does not count.

What you think happens to you… counts.

From Seeking Wisdom:

Studies show that a placebo can improve a patient’s condition simply because the patient expects it will work. Clinical evidence shows placebos to have physical effects on the brain, just as drugs do.
Studies in Sweden show a placebo activates the same brain circuits as painkilling drugs.
If people expect something to go wrong with their health, it often does. Negative expectations can influence our bodies and cause symptoms that over time may cause our body harm.
Beliefs have biological consequences — good and bad.

Therefore you should aim at controlling your beliefs.

If you know what you want you could even use them to your advantage.

Align them with your goals.

Re-think your beliefs.

Are they pushing you forward and up.
Or back and down?