Words to live by

A lot of books read over the years condensed in a short set of words with deep meaning to me, as a daily reminder to myself.

10 words to live by


things that gain from disorder. trial and many small errors. de-centralize the trials.


embody what you’re trying to say so you don’t have to speak to say it.
learn to never compromise on your values. find your meaning in life and let it guide you.


always choose the most human option. community, not business. human beings, not clients. doing and reacting, not planning. being, not working.


virtue. to consider what is really good and how to achieve it. human flourishing. practical and ethical wisdom.


think of Seneca, Marcus, Epictetus, Montaigne. inner citadel. freedom from anxiety. objective representation. to see things as they really are. no false perceptions.


the art of attention. mindfulness. vipassana. breathing. remember yourself to be aware.

Memento Mori

remember you’re going to die. don’t live as if you have endless years in front of you. no such thing as down-time, no such thing as free-time — all you’ve got is lifetime.


nature is chaos. change the only constant. above all, be adaptive.


develop knowledge/skills based on personal preference, intuition — not utility. take long walks and walk slow. use procrastination as a natural clock. become better at doing nothing, that’s where your mind goes to work. sprezzatura, style over efficiency, productivity.


everything is an experiment. it’s all lighter than you think.

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