Do Something Fun:

The fun activity I did was watch a comedy on Netflix called what. by Bo Burnham. It was about an hour long and very playful as Bo presents a full visual show instead of the usual stand up.

Mind Map (image):

Health and Well-being Mind Map

Mind Map (digitization):

I made my mind map solely through the app.

Suggested Themes:

Service Animals- I would like to look further into service animals, because I think it is a unique direction people take when considering their health and well being. While animals can be trained, they are nothing like machines and it would be interesting to look at what problems may come up and how they could be addressed.

Kickboxing Workout Plan- Kickboxing is a very specific fitness plan that incorporates different types of workouts and even involves an added bonus of self defense training. This seems like a very ideal workout plan and could benefit many, but may need some help becoming more well known and more accessible.

Sleep Cycle- Sleep is a very significant factor when regarding one’s health and well being. I would say a majority of people aren’t getting the sleep they need every night, so I would like to find ways that improve peoples’ sleeping patterns.

10 Silly Ideas:

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