“I have moved more times than I have aged years.”

Garrett Boldog recalls his journey to industrial design greatness

By Matthew Goetz 9/21/16

By Matthew Goetz 9/21/16

Since as long as I can remember, my family has struggled with money. Over the course of my life time I have moved across a number of cities and have lived in three different states. I was born in Alabama but I had also bounced around New Jersey and Georgia as well.

Moving into Montclair State my sophomore year of college didn’t feel like it was too difficult of a task. I knew how to pack as little as possible so all I needed was a single plastic container and a medium sized suitcase. While I currently dorm in Freeman hall my family lives forty-five minutes down the road.

Before I made the final move back to New Jersey, I had been living comfortably in Alabama for about 2 years. I had loved living in the South, whether it was Georgia or Alabama, but during this time period in Alabama I had met the greatest group of friends. They were some of the easiest people to get along with and I even connected with a new church group. This made my goodbye very emotional for me and only made me cling onto Alabama even more.

I was fourteen when I found out that I was moving back to New Jersey. I really didn’t expect much from it but I couldn’t help but feel frustrated that I would have to restart my life at a new high school. I had loved living in the south for most of my life and leaving was the last thing on my mind.

At first, I totally hated living in New Jersey. Money had become such an issue in my family that I questioned my own pregnant mothers decision to keep her own baby. I didn’t believe it was financially responsible to add another child to our already broke family. It got so bad that I even threatened leaving to Georgia and staying with relatives, even though I never did it.

I laugh looking back at my journey towards Montclair because it turned out to be the most important moment of my life. It allowed me to enroll at Montclair State University.

I applied and was accepted to the Industrial Design program and after freshman year, and soon to be sophomore year, are completed, I will be traveling on a study abroad program to Hungry Junior year.

I guess I’m kind of glad I got to move around a lot. Now I know how to pack light.


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