Any game that borrows from Metroid follows one rule: a progression made by learning every nook and crannies of the map, slowly, patiently, through hardship and perseverance.
Julian Laufer, creator of Outbuddies DX, took this rule to heart. Julian has spent 7 years (!!!) to complete his game, from the very first sprawling map designs to the 16th and last update, the one that brought the DX in the game’s title. As if that wasn’t enough already, he ticked the hardcore mode box: All of it was done while working a day job!

For our German indie dev, this project…

Deep underground, past musty caves and glistening walls, a King dreams and longs his own return. All is still, a held breath as he slumbers — all but a shade, a last servant, tasked to wait for 400 days.
Your shade.

This is The Longing. A unique game, a glorification of slowness; an ode to details, thoughts and the delicate motion made by the passage of time.
Anselm Pyta, illustrator-animator and co-founder of Studio Seufz, knows something about patience: 6 years have drifted by between the initial idea and the release. The studio — producing video games but also animation s—…

When you hear about a new THE BROTHERHOOD game, you already know what to expect. In only two entries — STASIS and CAYNE — Nic and Chris Bischoff have created a strong identity for their studio: Quality writing, jaw-dropping isometric scenes, a cinematic approach to storytelling. Feats made even more exceptional given the small size of the team.

Originally thought to become a short film, BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION’s concept evolved to be their new adventure game. From long walks in their area came the post-apocalyptic tribal environment, the family dog morphing into the canine robot companion. Gone was the horror from…

Have you ever seen a one-man band? Picture one, make it tall (a demi-giant!), and you’ll probably have a good picture of Daniele Giardini.
You’ll have to swap the cymbals for a computer keyboard, the harmonica for a paintbrush and the guitar for ink-stained paper, but he’s from that kind of jugglers, always one more talent up his sleeves.

Between Roma and Nis, Italian roots and Serbian love, Daniele creates windows to different worlds using his multiple skills: Author-illustrator-developer-and-now-dipping-into-music-er.
As an author, his latest released commercial work has been the game
Still There. …

It’s 1995, Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” was blasting through everyone’s boomboxes between two screenings of Batman Forever.
Girls wore scrunchies in their hair, boys all had the Nike Airs famously worn by Jordan, and we pretended to look cool in wearing everything denim.
Twitter? What’s that?
Meanwhile, 25 yo Jeff Vogel candidly released his very first game on Windows 3.x under his studio’s name Spiderweb Software. Some of you will remember these old times with a little tear of nostalgia, and the others… be thankful for technology, youngsters!
Did Jeff know at this time that 25 years later, and numerous OS behind him, he’d still…

“You have died, Admiral.”
Those are some of the very first words you’ll hear as Admiral Idaho, waking aboard a ship you can’t remember, one ominous robotic figure telling the tale of who you’ve been.
Because in Crying Suns, death is omnipresent, lurking in every corners of the galaxies you’ll visit: A combat you couldn’t win, a lack of resource leaving you and your loyal crew stranded, a bad decision taken too fast.

At quick glance, Crying Suns shares similarities with another spatial roguelike: FTL.
But while FTL was first and foremost a tactical, giving priority to its arduous combats, Cryings…

Give me a sheet of paper, and I’ll make you a paper plane that can barely fly.
Give Polish developer Tomasz Ostafin the same material, and he’ll craft a world out of it.
Add a light bulb and suddenly, this same world comes to life, painted in colors and shadows from the subtle transparency of what was once just cellulose!

Tomasz’s academic formation was architecture, so it makes sense he became the architect of his own landscapes, surreal places populated by fragile yet resilient characters much like the medium he loves so much.

One glance at the work of art…

What’s your first thought when you hear “ASCII game”?
Most people would surely answer “Bless you!”, a handful would say “Rogue and the likes!”.
Now, if you’re a bit of a connoisseur, how many games using ASCII-Art do you know of?
I’m not talking about representation, but actual ASCII-Art. With a cap A.
“ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ “
EXACTLY. Not many.

And there comes Stone Story RPG, a hack’n’slash’s inspired adventure in which every level is an intricate picture using your keyboard standard characters as brushstrokes.
A grand journey across dark realms, eldritch figures, demons and sorcerers! …

Electronic Entertainment Expo. E3, its little nickname.
Three times an “E” to have players shaking with anticipation, medias feverish with the task to come.
The biggest video game event of the year is so packed full of announcements — each shows gotta be louder, better, brighter than the previous one — that standing out is a difficult feat to achieve.
Now, if you’re indie, the task is Sisyphean!

Yet, sometimes, a game comes along and unanimously wows the crowds. …

I first met Thomas Altenburger at the Stunfest, a gaming convention in France.
People were crowding every inch of the modest-sized halls, moving from one Versus Fighting competition to a Sonic speedrun, or taking a break with the indies shown at the event.
The biggest line, no surprise, stood before ScourgeBringer. The new game from Flying Oak Games, finally playable since its reveal! A first!
Now, understand my excitement. We’re talking about the same studio that brought us twin-stick shooter roguelite NeuroVoider!

My opinion? ScourgeBringer is gonna be a hit.
The kind of games that makes you say “just one more…


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