Heroin Users Help Us See Photos Of Addiction Differently
Aaron Goodman

I don’t know if I can say I’m looking forward to reading more of this series but I do find this article fascinating and Cheryl’s responses to the photos and your questions are so full of self acceptance and hope, but at the same time, there is sadness both in her and in myself when I’m reading it. I wonder if you gave those photos to another recovering addict, and/or a person who is not an addict and asked them the same questions, what would they say, and how would that change the story. And if you gave those responses to Cheryl, how that might effect her. That was my first thought when I looked at the first picture and read the first sentence — and was surprised that Cheryl thought of herself as as young girl. She continues to refer to herself as a young girl in other responses because to me, Cheryl does not look like a young girl but reading that she feels like a young girl really stands out to me.