Showcase your Customer’s Social Media Content in your Retail Store

Fit Republic, a supplement retailer, showcases customer workout videos with the hashtag #FitRepublic on GoFit Media digital signage in their stores.

It’s time for retailers to embrace social media and customer generated content -or- get left behind. Here’s why:

1. People are more likely to listen to/buy on recommendations from other customers than from a business trying to sell them something.

When you showcase content from customers in your store, it makes your product offering more authentic. Real content from real people is just more interesting, credible, and engaging than the manufactured stock content all your competitors are using. Showcasing customer generated content can increase sales by 25%. (EngageScience)

2. Customers feel valued and engaged when you showcase their content. In turn, they are much more likely to post about your business on social media.

When a customer brags about you on social media — you are winning. A customer post about your company on social media is the equivalent of digital word of mouth. A 2015 study found that the average number of Instagram followers for a US teenager was 150 people. (Statista)

To further increase the number of customers posting about you, offer a discount (like the example above) or make a donation to charity for every post.

3. It takes the content creation burden off of your business and keeps marketing fresh.

Not only is featuring your customer content more effective than traditional in-store marketing, it is also more efficient. Creating content takes time and that content becomes out-of-date quickly.

Digital signage is an easy way to showcase customer content in your store. You can integrate your social media accounts or hashtags into a digital signage playlist alongside other marketing images and videos. GoFit Media digital signage software allows you to filter out posts with profanity, only show the most popular posts, or pre-approve posts before they are displayed.

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