Digital advertising needs a savior

It may sound extreme, but let’s be honest the truth isn’t always pretty. You might wonder if the headline is true or not. Not by ruining your day and only telling you how ill digital advertising is, but also giving you an idea for a solution. In order to describe what’s wrong it is necessary to tackle two perspectives, the first one will be the one of a marketer and the second one will be about the costumer. Let’s state some facts.

The internet is growing rapidly every day. This vast landscape of opportunities raises several questions for marketers: Where do I advertise? How do I advertise? How do I measure the success of my campaign?

With ever increasing ad costs a company wants to make sure that each campaign reaches as many people of the target audience as possible. This is quite difficult for smaller businesses with little budgets.

How can small and local businesses advertise effectively, cost-efficient, and increase their ROI (return on investment)? They could pay for a Facebook campaign and reach people who like the product, but won’t be able to buy it since they aren’t locals. That seems like burning money without a sufficient return. So, the local store changes back to targeting the people offline. However, there is no way to properly track the effectiveness of billboards or flyers. Again, money is wasted.

Another point to be raised is a huge scattering loss. It increases costs and decreases the efficiency of your campaign. This happens, because you reach people outside your target group who aren’t interested in your product. TV commercials are a great example of scattering loss.

Additionally, click fraud through bots is a major problem when it comes to the efficiency of a campaign. If only bots see your campaign, no one sees it. This leads to massive problems for the marketer. Firstly, you might pay millions without reaching anyone. Secondly, your outsourced advertising company might have used bots to increase their revenue and to show you figures that look very good at first, but are quite bad once you see the money you made with that particular campaign.

Another factor is ad blockers. Ad Blockers gained more and more popularity throughout the years. This affects the advertiser just as much as it does the customer. Adverts don’t work if no one sees them. A business could have the most amazing campaign and it still fails, since no one has seen it. Do not be fooled to think that a massive budget leads to more effective advertising.

So much about the perspective of a company.

Ad Blockers as weird as it sounds can have a negative impact on customers as well. In order to make money through ads, website owners can ask visitors to either turn of ad blockers or they will not be able to use the website or will not be able to use all features. Furthermore, ad blockers can still allow ads. That can happen when a company wants their ads to be shown no matter what. In that case, it pays a lot of money to the company that runs the adblocker. If the amount is sufficient the ad blocker company will stop blocking the ads they have received money for. The consumer problems do not stop there though. What about the flashing ads next to an article you can not focus on the article and it’s more likely that you will not return to that website. Ads that follow you when you scroll down a web page are really annoying as well and stop you from focusing on the content itself.

Even worse, when clicking on an ad, you do not know where your data is saved or what data is saved and what it is being used for. You don’t even need to click the ad for your data to be stored somewhere. This creates a lack of trust and leads to immense clickbait which complicates the trust issues. Summed up in one sentence it means no one cares about your data privacy. Furthermore, companies can make a lot of money by selling your data. There’s a huge market for it and the demand for data is immense.

In conclusion, this means a lot of problems need to be solved in order to make digital advertising successful and efficient again.

If you aren’t convinced that there is a problem you’ll still love the savior who is coming to the rescue. Who is that savior you are asking? It is more so a what and not a who.

The savior is GoForIt Walk&Win an app with an amazing and highly dedicated team behind it. Think about walking down a major road in any big city in the world barely seeing any billboards, posters or screens harassing you with unwanted ads. It is hard to imagine, right? GoForIt Walk&Win wants to make a step into that direction.

Simply put GoForIt Walk&Win gives you the opportunity to save money while you explore the real world. For marketers, it also saves you money by efficiently targeting your customers. Let’s explain the app a bit more. The app works on a geofilter basis, hence the real world mixed with your smartphone app. On your app however you will find Gos. Simply put a Go is a part of a Goupon which is nothing else than a coupon. Well, it is better, because you decide when you want to find Gos and when you don’t want notifications about Gos that are close by. Simply put you can be active in the real world and save money. Amazing, right?

GoForIt Walk&Win decided to go one step further to conquer the dilemma of unwanted coupons. Do you have a Go that you don’t want or need? Simply use the in-app market and sell your Go and vice versa.

To make sure your data is protected GoForIt Walk&Win won’t sell any data. The only thing advertisers will know is how many times a Goupon has been traded and for what amount. Furthermore, a blockchain was implemented for transparency and trustworthiness.

As a marketer, you can easily start a campaign from the app and place the Gos where you think it’s best. It is possible to just create one Goupon and place its Gos. No wasted money and time here.

For the customers saving money turns into a fun game which is available when they want it.. Thanks to the in-app market you will always be able to get the discount you want and decide how much that discount is worth to you.

For more information visit and join the community.

GoForIt Walk&Win is finally here.

Now there is just one thing left to say:


GoForIt Walk&Win is a mobile couponing app distributing coupons via geofencing and gamification. We are here to revolutionize digital marketing.

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