Our co-working experience at WeWork

Have you ever wondered what it is like to work in a co-sharing space? We at GoForIt Walk&Win have that experience every day. There are definitely some advantages and fun aspects when working in a co-working space, however, there are also less pleasant experiences. Whether you are an entrepreneur and consider moving your office into a co-sharing space or you are an employee who’s considering joining a company that operates out of a co-working space this article should help you with your decision.

First, we want you to get a better idea of the co-sharing space where we made most of our experiences. We are located at the WeWork Stadthausbrücke right in the heart of Hamburg, Germany. Being close to the Alster, a lake in the center of our beautiful city definitely has its perks. How about going for a stroll during lunch breaks or just sitting down and bathing in the sun. Back to our building. The building itself consists of two parts: tower A and tower B. We are located in building B. On every floor you can find community kitchens. Those kitchens allow you to grab a hot coffee specialty or some water. Moreover, you can socialize and make new connections. Additionally, the so-called ‘phone booths’ provide some privacy for calls and also help to create a productive work environment in the office. Along with the phone booths, conference rooms are available throughout the building, those can be booked as needed.

The best part of the WeWork is probably the community area on the third floor. There you can find plenty of seating possibilities and also a fairly big area to work if you don’t like sitting in the office or long for a change of scenery. The community area also contains a kitchen and beer taps for the celebration of achievements or just for the sake of it after work. On special occasions, even food is provided. There is also a ping pong table and table football. Playing a few rounds clears the mind very well after a hard working day.

Furthermore, sometimes events are held there. Those events that range from watching the FIFA world-cup to SEO workshops and many more. Another good point is that a hairdresser is coming in every fortnight or so as well as a massage specialist, which can be really handy at times. So far, it all sounds like a great environment to be a part of, however, it is not all pink and rosy.

Starting with the offices, the number of people that are supposed to fit in is not realistic if you want a healthy work environment and room to breath. Furthermore, if there are server problems which can happen at times, we will not be able to book conference rooms or even send printing jobs. Additionally, having the office right next to the kitchen can be a bit tough at times due to noise at lunchtime or people going to grab coffee throughout the day. Furthermore, due to walls out of glass and others around it can be difficult to keep company secrets a secret.

Remarkable reasons for being part of WeWork are, that we benefit from an all-around service provided by WeWork, which includes office supplies, cleaning, kitchens with microwaves and coffee machines.

Summing up, working in a shared workspace like WeWork brings benefits to all parties involved. Many amenities contribute to the well being of employees such as the community areas and offers provided by WeWork . The culture created by WeWork makes people connect with each other. Working in a co-working space is definitely beneficial for those who love to network and make new connections or just being around others in general. If you prefer a quiet and safe environment then a co-working space is probably not what you are looking for.

GoForIt Walk&Win is a mobile couponing app distributing coupons via geofencing and gamification. We are here to revolutionize digital marketing.

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