The future of digital marketing

At the beginning of the month, we told you about some of the major issues of digital marketing and drafted parts of our solution. If you’d like to read up on that you can do so here.

Today we will tell you more about the idea our co-founder David envisioned when he was working in London in 2016 and joined the armies of hyped people catching little digital monsters in the streets. First, let us illustrate our concept and the idea in general. We are aiming to be the liberator of the marketing industry and of the consumers. How will we do it? Simple, we will use a different marketing approach, by combining couponing and gaming. Our service will change the entire customer experience as well as the way businesses campaign.

Our approach is utterly beneficial for local retailers who had all the costs of online marketing, but none of the perks. Let’s look at the way we help those businesses. Simply put, we found a solution to the problems of hyper-local targeting. With our app, any business will be able to target local customers. It’s not just revolutionary it’s also very simple to use for a business and the customer. Business decide what discounts customers get and place Gos on the map. A Go is a part of a coupon on our platform, if enough are collected they can be turned into a Goupon which is nothing else than a GoForIt Walk&Win coupon. Why would anyone order of an online retailer if your local retailer is cheaper and closer?

We want people to go out and have fun engaging with advertising and not be overwhelmed by it. That’s why we combined gaming and couponing. A great beneficial aspect is an in-app marketplace. An amazing feature for our users, where everyone can get the discount they want. If you collected Gos you don’t need you can simply sell them and buy the Gos you actually want. If you haven’t noticed, yet this is quite beneficial for retailers as well. Through the market, the discount will always find its way to the right customer, no more scattering loss.

Imagine the following scenario.

Its summer in Hamburg, where our German branch is located. You are sitting at the Alster, the lovely river in the heart of Hamburg and crave a beer. Luckily the VonFreude beer shop is close by and they are running a campaign. How lucky can one be? You get up and start walking around the Alster to collect the needed Gos or if you are lucky you already have them or buy them on the in-app market whatever you do, you better go for it. Once you got all the Gos you just have to walk up the Colonnaden and get your beer. You walked and you won. You spent time in the sun, checked. You saved money, checked. You had a cold one, checked. You are happy, double checked. If you’d like to find out more visit our website: or follow us on social media.

GoForIt Walk&Win is a mobile couponing app distributing coupons via geofencing and gamification. We are here to revolutionize digital marketing.

GoForIt Walk&Win is a mobile couponing app distributing coupons via geofencing and gamification. We are here to revolutionize digital marketing.