So far, we have been telling you who we are and what we do, however, we haven’t told you how we do it and why we do it. Our Co-founder Jorge was excited to tell us more about the technology we use and about his project management approach.

Let’s start by answering why we started our business in the first place. Fraud is a serious issue in the actual market of digital advertising. To assert whether a real human or an AI has seen an ad is a huge challenge, because of the very intransparent nature of metrics for common conversion rates. That’s why we decided to create a platform to increase the level of trust and create a more transparent environment for advertisement. Our platform enforces human interaction and places hurdles for bots and AI’s in order to make such a fraud approach economically unfeasible. Our approach also plans to deepen the level of transparency and trust by integrating smart contract technology for advertising events that occur in the platform. This way we not only want to protect advertisers from fraudulent campaigns but also provide them enough transparency to trust that fraud won’t come from our side either.

To succeed as a tech startup one must not be afraid of using cutting edge technology and of integrating it to one’s product. As compelling as this might sound the challenge of combining many technologies can prove quite difficult. Our product will make use of three particular technologies: Cloud Computing, AR and blockchain.

Cloud computing is widely known to be the driving force behind many successful startups by providing powerful and highly-integrable API’s for many fields of development, ranging from geolocation, storage, hosting, image recognition, real-time data exchange, messaging and many more, while avoiding scalability issues, which would pose serious issues for a self-owned data center facing a scaling-up phase.

On the AR-Side we want to integrate Vuforia; a software development kit for augmented reality to provide an experience for our community that will be similar to Pokemon GO. Combining Vuforia with the Unity-Engine and the Google Maps API is a safe bet to deliver a great AR gaming experience.

The mischief-maker of the three technologies was blockchain. The main challenge of integrating blockchain technology into a cloud architecture is not an easy task. Then most proof-of-work based blockchains may offer great technological advantages like smart contracts and data transparency but still have big scalability issues. The issues might be solved with the coming generations of DLT technologies but we need to adapt as we go. We, therefore, use a hybrid approach consisting of a context-aware off-chain layer wich bulk-updates the on-chain layer whenever circumstances are favorable for the environment e.g. when transaction costs are low.

Since we at GoForIt Walk&Win are a startup creating an innovative product from scratch, this doesn’t only require the right methodology for product development but also for the general development of the company, which practically grows at the pace of the product and faces similar challenges in complexity management and scalability. This means that the team working on our product needs to be able to excel in adaptability and to be versed in methods for succeeding at this. This is why Jorge implemented an agile project management approach in order to have small teams who work concurrently and collaborative on complex tasks at high velocity supported by the latest digital tools. This way we can easily adapt to new structures by simply scaling the organizational structures to a new agile hierarchy. Learning from mistakes other companies have made and looking at digitalization trends, we intend to always stay with the latest and most effective practices along with state of the art technologies.

Which technologies do you use? Do you think about blockchain is the technology of the future? What is your approach to project management? How would you start from scratch? We are eager to find out, please let us know. If you would like to find out more about our product visit or follow us on social media.

GoForIt Walk&Win is a mobile couponing app distributing coupons via geofencing and gamification. We are here to revolutionize digital marketing.

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