How to Use Norton Search Tool

Armando Rodrigues
2 min readApr 14, 2020

The Norton Search Tool empowers you to find any information as for Norton and its things. You can use this instrument to make an interest on the Internet or on the Norton arrangement reinforce page.

In order to make an interest, you basically need to type the related watchword and you will be outfitted with the chase suggestions. These might help you with finding the information for the most part faster. At the time you make your interest, you are given certain suggestions, which are amassed into the groupings referenced underneath:

Items: This will give you a once-over which would join the features of your Norton item about which you have made your request. You basically need to investigate to the journey suggestions and quest for the short explanation about its features. You can moreover structure the inquiry item settings according to your need.

Web: right now, will be given the overview of proposition from the Internet sources. Essentially click on the related interest proposition to get the perfect results.

Backing: This overviews the Support articles and assembling talks related to your Norton search devices. Investigate to the recommendations and get more bits of knowledge concerning your request.

Steps to Use the Norton Search Tool

To open the interest gadget, do the going with:

Press the simple course keys i.e., Ctrl+ F.

On the screen to which you are occupied, click on the Search image.

Investigate to the taskbar and thereafter right-click on the image of your Norton thing and hot the “search” button.

Snap search when you are occupied to the Help Center window.

Steps to Set a Search Shortcut Key on Your Device

To get to the In-Product Search window rapidly, you can without quite a bit of a stretch set up the comfort simple courses. This window urges you to locate the specific segment of your Norton thing which you are scanning for. Exactly when you start to make your request from this window, you are given the specific and noteworthy chase proposition through which you can have a brief explanation about the part. To set a Search Shortcut Key, do as delineated:

Turn on your PC and snap on the Norton arrangement image.

In case you are occupied to the ‘My Norton Window” which is available next to the “Device Security” decision, click on the “open” button.

By and by, hit the “Settings” decision from the essential window of your Norton thing.

Here, you have to tap on the “Administrative Settings”.

Move the switch towards “On” from the interest backup way to go key line.

From the page that opens, pick the best approach to which you have to consign the in-thing search.

Tap on the”Apply” choice to attest the changes.

Finally, click on the “Close by” button.

For additional information as for the Norton Search Tool, visit the Norton Activate. You can in like manner investigate to the assistance zone of this page in case you experience any issue with your Norton things



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