A New Way to Give Back: GoFundMe Joins Forces with LinkedIn for Good

May 12, 2016 · 1 min read

At GoFundMe, we believe changing the way the world gives shouldn’t just apply to individuals. That’s why we couldn’t be more enthusiastic to work with LinkedIn for an initiative that will change how companies empower their employees to give.

LinkedIn’s social impact arm, LinkedIn for Good, is introducing a new way for LinkedIn employees to rally around causes they care about — and see direct results. Called LinkedIn Gives, this new platform will be powered by GoFundMe, the world’s largest giving platform. Employees can create their own fundraising campaigns and LinkedIn for Good will match a portion of funds raised for charities and nonprofits.

As we’ve seen time and again at GoFundMe, championing a cause — no matter how big or small — can have a transformative impact on both the donor and the beneficiary. LinkedIn Gives will tap into the incredible power that comes from investing in a cause close to your heart.

Stay tuned for more developments about this exciting initiative. We can’t wait to see how lives will be changed for the better.


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Empowering people to help people. www.gofundme.com

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