GoFundMe’s Giving Community Steps Up for Ecuador

At GoFundMe, we’re proud to have a dedicated and compassionate giving community on our platform. GoFundMe campaign organizers know they always have a place to go when a need arises and there’s an opportunity to help people.

That’s why it was no surprise that, within hours of the news of a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Ecuador, the GoFundMe community sprang into action and began fundraising for the survivors, families of the victims, and everyone affected by this tragedy. As of publishing, 185 campaigns have already raised over $450,000 for relief.

To make sure this aid has the maximum effect, we’ve created a hub for all GoFundMe campaigns related to helping Ecuador in the earthquake’s aftermath. We’re also featuring this hub on our homepage for additional support.

The GoFundMe community has a history of coming together when natural disasters strike. $7 million was raised on GoFundMe in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquakes. Campaign organizers raised $2.5 million for the 2015 California wildfires, and over $1.1 million for the storms in the Carolinas this past year.

We want to thank our community for rising to the occasion yet again, and our deepest sympathies are with the people of Ecuador as they work to rebuild.