Ms. Blomquist’s Bikes

How one teacher raised over $80,000 to give every student at her school their very own bike.

With four years of teaching at a Title I school under her belt, Katie Blomquist had developed the knowing eye of all great teachers. She could tell when one of her students just wasn’t getting it. That was the case with Jawan. He was unmotivated and unengaged in the classroom.

Katie made it her mission to gain Jawan’s trust and help him rediscover the joy of learning. Over time, Jawan opened up to Katie, and he told her that all he wanted in the world was the joy and freedom of a bike.

Katie couldn’t get it off her mind. When she heard that she could start a GoFundMe for education, Katie knew this was her chance to help not just Jawan, but all the students at her school.

“I think people could tell that my excitement was truly genuine and wanted to be a part of it. I was shocked by the amount of people who donated.”

Thanks to her hard work and dedication, Katie’s campaign to give every student a bike raised $80,000 — enough to give all 650 students a custom bike and helmet!

The kids were thrilled — several had only used hand-me-downs in their everyday life, making this bike one of their first personal possessions.

By starting a GoFundMe campaign, Katie went beyond teaching her kids reading and math. That day, she taught her students that they deserve joy, freedom, and happy memories that will last a lifetime.

Special thanks to Katie Blomquist and all her kiddos.