What is Synchrolife (SYC)? ICO Review and Token Distribution

Synchrolife is an online decentralized platform or network that offers recommendation for a variety of restaurants in the world. It is based on the smart contracts of Ethereum. It creates a link between the restaurants and users, thereby establishing a token — based economy. It was designed exclusively for food lovers all over the world. It uses the technology of blockchains to deliver trustworthy reviews and information about the restaurants.


It only accepts ethereum (ETH) payments. The users of this platform can receive personalized recommendations about the dining restaurants and also can share and record those restaurants. Synchrolife is monitored and managed by a company called Synchrolife Limited. It has its headquarters in Hong Kong. Its services have now been extended for around 155 countries in the world. Also it has planned to add more number of countries in the future. It analyzes the following aspects for giving restaurant recommendations to the users:

  • View history
  • Search history
  • Pins
  • Restaurant ratings
  • Likes and
  • Followers

The calculation of each and every recommendation is based on Artificial intelligence. The team is also planning to grow and develop the current services of Synchrolife in the near future. The tokens of Synchrolife are usually referred to as SYC or Synchrocoin. The users cannot be able to perform mining with SYC tokens.

The major motto of Synchrolife is to help people for finding the good restaurants around the world. It also helps various restaurants to reach a large volume of customers. The first beta version of Synchrolife was released in 2017 in four different types of languages including Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English.

Token Specifications:

  • Total amount of tokens issued: 100,000,000
  • No. of tokens being sold on crowdsale: 55,000,000.

Crowdsale bonus rates:

  • Percentage of bonus for the 1st 24 hours: 20%
  • Percentage of bonus for the 1st week: 15%
  • Percentage of bonus for the 2nd week: 10%
  • Percentage of bonus for the 3rd week: 5%.

Unique features of Synchrolife:

  • It allows the users to sell and trade Synchrocoins.
  • It offers various rewards to its reviewers, who present valuable and high quality restaurant reviews.
  • All the information or details provided by this platform are usually transparent, trust worthy and accurate in nature.
  • Its beta version is available, which can be downloaded via Google play or App store on both IOS and Android devices.
  • The meaningful and valuable contributions made by the users are highly encouraged by this platform.
  • It values the time as well as the contents of the users.
  • It focuses mainly on the growth and development by understanding the users’ needs.
  • The tokens of Synchrolife (SYC) are used to purchase gift cards or restaurant coupons, and premium features.
  • SYC tokens are also utilized to issue funds for advertising, marketing and affiliate programs.
  • It gives an escrow protection mechanism and provides a multi signature wallet to its users.
  • It holds a special database for the overall tastes, restaurant preferences and eating habits of the users.
  • It provides food related contents and some other unique articles to its users.
  • It facilitates user — to — user interaction and focuses mainly on the application development.

Problems associated with the restaurant industry:

The following are the major problems in the restaurant industry:

  • Lack of services and information related to restaurant business.
  • Negative ratings and Reviews
  • Overload of information
  • Problem of customer acquisition.

Solutions provided by Synchrolife:

  • It provides a database with all the information necessary for a restaurant business.
  • It establishes and develops a token economy.
  • It gives personal recommendations with the help of Artificial intelligence.
  • It offers unique compensations based on results.

SynchroLife token Crowdsale Shedule:

The SynchroCoin (SYC) token crowdsale will start on September 8th, 2017 at 15:00 GMT and will be live for four weeks. Closing date of SYC ICO is October 6th, 2017 at 14:59 GMT. Total 55,000,000 SynchroCoin tokens will be sold in crowdsale through Ether (ETH) as payment. Presale will be starting August 16, 2017. In case you want to participate in the presale, contact the SynchroLife Team at info@synchrolife.org.

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