With Authoreon All Authorization Becomes Easy, Authentication, Verification & Certification In a decentralized network


Authoreon is a decentralized authorization, authentication, verification & certification and thus securing previously unsafe instances and functions. Authoreon solutions prevent fraud, cyber attacks, material identity and immaterial thefts, and they provide complete traceability to supply and chain ownership.


Authoreon’s overall platform architecture involves several components that utilize the properties and characteristics of blockchain, cryptography, artificial intelligence (AI) technology and maximum security substitution, authorization and traceability.

We accomplished this by creating two separate overlay protocols at the top of the blockchain: synapses and key access layers.

This 3 layer architecture secures ownership and decentralization of authorization through smart use case-case contracts combined with interplanetary databases (IPDB) and interplanetary file systems (IPFS). All Authoreon platform transactions will be driven by an application-specific token, Autoin (AUTH).

Mission & Vision

Our five-year goal is to be at the forefront of securing authorization, authentication, verification and blocked certification, with users and customers worldwide, securing thousands of assets and transactions per day — for private, corporate, government and organization users.

We envisage many SCaaS modules to serve multiple use cases, and high adoption rates due to the usability of the platform as well as the fact that Authoreon will be owned by many people.

Authoreon is based on ASUS ‘open source, sensor, and innovative genetic, open source, and distributed computing platforms, which provide a complete ethernet virtual machine (EVM), enabling smart contract execution.

In general, blockchain is a distributed database that allows digital asset books and transactions, which are shared among distributed user networks, and thus can be addressed. Using advanced cryptography, blockchain enables every participant on the network to interact securely with a digital ledger and without the need for central authority. Because each participant in the network holds a copy of the blockchain and all previous transactions are constantly fixed before addition can be made, it is very difficult to change or delete data in blockchain.

Whenever a participant wants to add assets or transactions to blockchain all other participants in the network run an evaluation algorithm to verify the transaction. If most nodes agree that the transaction is valid, then the asset or transaction is authorized and written to blockchain.

Blockchain Etaceum reaches consensus using the Proof-of-Work algorithm, which uses hash functions to create conditions in which each participant is allowed to reveal conclusions about the information being transmitted. The results can then be verified by all other participants in the system. The wrong result is excluded by the hash function parameter, because it will fail to calculate.

Participation in the system will be provided by a common mining function.

The Authoreon solution platform will be accessible via a user friendly GUI easy-to-manage graphical user interface (GUI) that will be optimized for MetaMask but will run in decentralized browsers (eg Mist).
Mobile apps
All platform functionality will be fully reflected in mobile apps (for Android, iOS and Windows) to enable key authorization functions, mining interactions and wallets.
The platform will offer a variety of modules, each handling different use cases, each running a different Smart-Contract-as-aService (SCaaS), each with different processing rates and costs.
Plugins, APIs & Marketplace
In mid-2018 plugins and extensions will be available for 3rd party systems, the platform will be addressed via the ²²-key-protocol API for external developers and will include markets for third-party extensions.

Token & Crowdsale

Authoreon aims to be at the forefront of the authorization platform blocked. To this end, Authoreon proposed this initial coin offer (Crowdsale). Participants send funds to the Smart Ethereal Contract. Smart Contract mints a direct token and sends it to a user’s online account. It is available for withdrawal at peak times. Upon completion (total duration or maximum token issued) Ethereum funds are then transferred to Coinbase’s multi-sigoin escin wallet.

Why a crowdsale?
In order for the Authoreon platform to be completely decentralized, multiple support groups are needed. Traditional investors as a small group — will gain control over the network and they will ultimately act in their best interests, and not in the best interests of users and society. So we came to the conclusion that only a group of people using blockchain using Ethereum ERC20 tokens can provide the amount and quality of funds needed to achieve our vision with this truly decentralized network and provide enough fuel for the platform.

ICO Authoreon targets fundraising from a minimum of $ 500,000 to a maximum of $ 34,000,000 USD due to developments, current cash flows and scalable marketing needs. 1 Autheon token (AUTH) will be available for ETH 0.00133333. Contributions are accepted in ETH only at this time. 25% to 5% Bonus in Automotive token offered to original contributor.



A Good Team

For official information :

Website : https://www.authoreon.io/
Whitepaper : https://www.authoreon.io/Authoreon-Whitepaper.pdf
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Authoreonio
Slack : http://www.slack.authoreon.io/
Telegram : https://t.me/authoreonio
Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2125497.0

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