To SK Applicants

Dear SK Applicant,
Solid mentorship is what we can give to you for now. We can add you into our culture by adding you into our portfolio at Startup Kitchen where we educate, inspire and co-build early stage startups. In that mentorship, how you will raise investment, some leads to investors etc may happen. It will be the mentor’s direction. As we progress over the next 3 months and some milestones well, we will do whatever we can considering it our own, like we would do for any of our other startups. Our participation with you will be directly proportional to your offer, so before we proceed with you, we need to know — what would be your offer to us?

We have asked you straightforward question right up the end of the line and we are really expecting a straightforward answer. As far as us giving solid mentorship to you is concerned you can go and have a look at Preseed, you can go have a look at Nishchal, you can see what Nishchal is made of, you can try to look deep inside in his own words on his medium. By himself, in last 2 years, Nishchal has started 4 startups. All 4 of them are working. He has not raised a single penny in investment until now. His words as a leader are enough for all of us in following him and delivering what is expected of us. We, his team, do not ask him for money. This quality of leadership is what you can learn from him. When learned, you will know more about not just business bootstrapping and team building, but also creativity and spirituality with logics, not stories.

If you want Preseed to mentor you, (Preseed doesn’t mean only Nishchal, there more stars here, you can go and have a look at our team and see how many people there are, what are we made of) each one of them will come up and help you in what you are looking for.

If money is what you are looking for straight up then we are not the answer, you can feel free to move on. If mind is what you are looking for, then you should give us a straightforward answer about what you are willing to share with us in your business and then we will talk further.