Know An Address That Consistently Has Pickup Problems?

For some addresses, there can be many possible pickup locations. An example of this would be at a hospital, shopping mall, or retirement community. If you frequent a location and find that drivers are always waiting in a different location than the one you want, let us know. We have the option to pinpoint a location on a GPS, regardless of what the address is. The below shows an address that tells drivers to pick clients up in the middle of a park! We can fix addresses like this and save the correct latitude and longitude to the custom pickup location that is most convenient for you.

An example of an address that has no clear pickup location for a driver to go to.

In the overview map above, the red dot is where GPS tells drivers to go. It’s in the middle of a park! The blue circles show the custom latitude and longitude coordinates we’re able to send drivers. When you have a custom coordinate saved to your menu, it overrides where GPS tells drivers to go and instead directs drivers to where YOU want them to go. We can help coordinate the perfect pickup spot for you to avoid confusion. Let us know if this is a common problem for you, our operators can pinpoint and save any locations to your profile.