Redesign for How People Experience and Manage Time

User Testing of My Prototype

Design Decisions

User Observation – what I learned from users

The Development for Point of View

Storyboard and Prototyping

Storyboard #1

Storyboard #2

Paper Prototyping

Paper Prototyping of Chronos

Heuristic Evaluation

The place I conducted heuristics evaluation for my paper prototype. For peers who couldn’t do evaluation at my place, we just did it via video chat and it just worked well.

Prototype Testing

In Person User Testing

Here’s one of the pain points I captured from the testers. She though that the she can add more time for current event by clicking either the “+” button or the text “Need more time”(She thought that was also a button). So she kept clicking the text part several time but found nothing happened. But actually she can only click the “+” button to activate “add more time” function.
  1. People are expecting that all buttons in the same pages should be directly related to the purpose of the page.
  2. People tend to take both the icon and the text that describe the icon as bounded together and clickable.
  3. People are expecting that “next step related” buttons should be at right sides, and the buttons at the left side of screen are implying related to “previous step”.
  4. People don’t like too many buttons in the same page. If it is inevitable to have these amount of buttons, then grouping is important to categorize these buttons to make users much easily to navigate around.
  5. The layout of the buttons and text should not be like the ads layout, or it’ll let user to less likely click that button.

A/B Testing

The 2 version for my A/B testing page

Fit and Finish

Left: Home screen of Chronos. Right: Add Events and set duration
Left: Activities Discover Page. Right: Event Count Down Page for helping users to stick on their schedule

The Overall Reflection for this Design Project




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林冠宏 Nate Lin

林冠宏 Nate Lin

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