Daily Complaint-1 Tip to make Your Friends Laugh

I don’t like hanging out with people, mostly because you have to focus and keep being interested in others. But I don’t want to focus on or be interested in others. So, I don’t want to hang out with people.

Today, I’m sitting in a donut store downstairs my home. My favourite donut is the chocolate cream one. I don’t know the exact name but who cares. They are all similar in one way or another. I’m continuing my journey to figure out what to do with my life. This serious question has been hunting me for years but I managed to escape from it until I reached my 30th.

Would I die in the near future? I cannot help staring at a big mole, which has been on my face since I was born. The fear of death empowered me to confront this serious shitty question again: what should I do with my life?

Two guys sat next to me. One is an Asian and the other is not. Based on the acnes on their faces, they are probably twenty-some. I pretended to look outside the window and quickly counted the number of plates on their table. Three empty donuts’plate and two coffees. Why don’t guys concern with their weights? Oh yes, it’s only girl’s problems in this world.

I pulled my attention back to my serious shitty question. But very soon, the two guys’laughter draw my attention. They were talking about something deploying words like “federal”, “tribunal”, etc. Don’t take me wrong, I couldn’t care less about the content. What intrigues me is their sudden silence after the laughter. This slight taste of “awkwardness”makes me excited. I hold my breath to enjoy this embarrassment and almost heard some tiny voices in their minds:

Asian guy: “Please say something dude! I’ve been talking all the time. It’s your turn!”

Non-Asian guy: “No! It is me who made the joke that provoked all our laughter! You should make a joke now!”

Asian guy: “But I cannot think of any joke, please make another one! Or people would think we are boring people!”

Non-Asian guy: “Alright!”

Then they talked and others in the donut stores heard their laughter again. This afternoon, I experienced the repeated awkward silence and laughter again and again.

These guys taught me something valuable: next time before I hang out with others, prepare 30 jokes. Why 30? 5 jokes per 30 mins and 30 jokes last for 3 hours, which should be enough.