Life of Purpose

I connect with three people in my network and asked them the questions:

  1. What is your life of purpose?
  2. What is the pain (sacrifice) that you are willing to sustain to reach your goals?
  3. What are you passionate (or burdened) by?

Shehram who is also my best friend reply that his purpose in life is to become best. I ask him how he categories his reply. He said he want to be a person who will be self-sufficient, having a strong impact on other people and organization and a role model for his children. He said that he will bear any kind of hardship to be that person. Another fellow Hassan reply he wanted to be a good police officer and it is a sole purpose of his life and for it he can do anything. He says that he will go through any hard training that will be required. Another fellow of me name Bilal Attari reply me and his reply was little surprising. He said purpose of my life is to seek blessing of Allah and to make him happy with my good act. He said if he want a good life for his children it will be only because Allah says take care of your children well. If he goes for good position in his life where he will be influential it is only because for the influential spreading of Islam and kind words. He said he will do social work help poor etc. But not for fame and respect but only to please Allah. So he conclude with this line “O, brother our main purpose in this life should be to please Allah and all your purposes of life can be fulfil in this one purpose”.

I learned by talking with all three people that somehow we all want the same thing to become best, to become successful and to become a person that other people admire. Weather that is through social work, through hard work for anything etc.

Conversation is much related to course as tile of course is to live a life of purpose, so we all have to our purpose to live this life. Also this project enhance my learning about this course.

As I said earlier that all have the same purpose so mine is also to live a happy life, to be self-sufficient. To be the role model for the world. To be strong enough to have powerful impact on world. To do something for humanity. But I thought Mr. Bilal wants to achieve all this in a different way. He said he will do all these things but the main reason for bearing pain for all this is only to seek blessing of his Creator and to make him happy.

My purpose will be the same but I will bear all the pains to achieve my purpose for the sake to make my Creator happy.

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