Mentor ship

For me mentor is one, who help you to achieve your desire goals, guide you in the right direction and inform you well about the hurdles you are going to face in order to achieve your goals. So for me my mother is my mentor. She helped me all the way until now and will be my mentor. She guide me through the right path every time when I was going wrong in my life. She always not only support me but also chose right decision that is best for me. Whenever I am in some problem I always share that with her and I have strong believe that she always come up with the best possible solution of my problems. I can say confidently that my mentor is always available for me whenever I need her.

I can share lot of stories regarding that but I am going to share only one. After my FSc I want to do BS in computer Sciences and I even got admission in FAST with scholarship but she told me that I should do something related to machines and she did not allow me to continue there. After that I got admission in UET Mechanical Engineering and I realized that she was right when I got (D grade) in my programing and really come to know that what programming actually is and it is not entirely my taste but instead I feel pleasure in studying and analyzing IC engines. How she know that because she is my mentor.

She is one of those sole reasons behind for what I am today. Obviously I have to find another mentor in my professional life also I believe that our mentors change with field or our no. of mentors increase on different stages of our life. Actually I learn humility from my mentor she told me how to be humble to others and it was her teaching that made me down to worth and to see all other people in equal criteria.

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