Reaching HR Professional (Importance of Equip and Real)

Me on behalf of my group members call Talal Hussain( AM HR Atlas Honda Ltd) and ask the following questions that we have prepared in session and also choose from the list given to us by our PA.

1) How do you identify if a candidate is being real or not during the interview?

2) What suggestions you may have on how to be fully prepared/equipped for an interview?

3) How you know that candidate is fully prepared for the interview?

He reply these question very well and his answers are satisfactory, he said if a person is pretending to be someone else we can easily judge him and start asking him the question that completely expose the person. He also give the example of some interviews where candidates get disqualified because they were faking their skills and abilities. He said for being equip we should revise our technical knowledge and should prepare our self both mentally and physically also he said dressing is a key component to attract the interviewer. So the main take away for being equip and real for me and my fellows are dressing like a pro, research about the company, revise your technical education and most important be confident. Also for being real we must not be pretending to be someone and only focus on the ability and skills that we have.

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