Portable Sauna Tents — Easy Solutions

This year, easily nurse your cold while losing weight by using the portable sauna. Chiefly, illnesses are contagious during all the seasons of the year, and sauna tents provide a great enclosure to increase body temperature and boost immunity. In relation, this lightweight design is known for its easy setup that doesn’t require any tools during assembly and thus everyone can avail Sauna Benefits. As a growing distributor of sauna products, Gohealthynext.com continues to offer great prices that enable more consumers to practice daily sauna therapy wherever they go. Inexpensive portable saunas are valued detoxification equipment that you can incorporate into daily life, or when you need them the most during times of infection.
Portable Sauna Tents — a Patented Design
Gohealthynext.com proudly presents the Portable Sauna Tent, which is a Patent Protected design — by Creatrix Solutions LLC that features a thin radiant insulation as the tent fabric. Comparatively, the tent material is an efficientand better option than canvas covers. This simple to assemble design omits the requirement to pre-heat the sauna while saving energy. Frankly, its design promotes retaining heat- near infrared energy — saving time and money, and maximizing photo therapy at the same time. For the most part, the Portable Sauna Tent design keeps everything inside and with the enamel coated metal support frame no odors are outgassed during the sauna session.
An Efficient Heat Source to Massage the Body

As mentioned, the assembly of the portable sauna tent is usually a simple task — it is a self-supporting structure. Additionally, this specific design has not been made with toxic fabric or materials and can be touched without being concerned about being burned from heat. Also, offered and supplied by GoHealthyNext.com, is the Sauna Fix® a four bulb infrared sauna light array that glows on the inside of the portable sauna tent while providing an efficient heat source that is engineered to soothe the body’s organs. Overall, saunas are a reasonably priced detoxification and healing solution for those who enjoy the kind of therapeutic heat that rids the body of colds and assists the body to secrete more sweat and demolish fatty cells — Portable Near-Infrared Therapy.

The Evolution and Health Benefits from Near Infrared Sauna
When it comes to detuning, the power of sweat is king. One of the best natural methods of detuning is by using an infrared sauna. Sweating inside of a heated and confined space has transcended cultures and generations. From the Romans to the Greeks, Russians and Native Americans the benefits have been known for hundreds of years. With the skin as our largest organ, sweat is one of the best channels for eliminating toxins in the body.

Infrared Saunas

The sauna has evolved over the years. From bath houses to sweat lodges, to far infrared sauna enclosures with the next generation being the near infrared sauna. The infrared and near infraredband within the light spectrum are perceived as heat and the body sweats at lower temperatures than with regular convection heated saunas. The infrared sauna penetrates deeper to mobilize and burn fat assisting with weight loss and detoxification. Infrared saunas are much easier to install and considerably more affordable.

The Sauna Fix® is a near infrared sauna from Go Healthy Next which boasts a tool-less assembly, no pre-heating required, affordable, lightweight, portable and easy to clean when finished with the sauna session.

Health Benefits

In addition to detoxification, infrared saunas can also relief pain and decrease arthritis. Also, the infrared portable saunas are an effective method of raising the rate of energy expenditure in the body leading to weight loss. Although water weight will be regained by drinking water, the calories consumed will not. Additionally, infrared saunas equipped with the sauna ion generator, known as the Breathe Safe™, provide a relaxing atmosphere full of negative ions that relieve stress and the disorders associated to it.

Near Infrared saunas are the next generation in the evolution of detoxification. Using natural means, the individual using the sauna can enjoy many health benefits through regular use. Go Healthy Next offers a variety of excellent near infrared saunas for sale to fit the need of every budget.

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