Applications now open for GoHub’s deep tech startup accelerator program

Today is the day we’ve been looking forward to, the day on which we announce our exclusive accelerator program for deep tech startups that believe in technology as a force for good.

Sep 23 · 2 min read

We are GoHub, the open innovation hub by Global Omnium for deep tech startups offering disruptive solutions for water, industry 4.0 and smart cities.

Do you work in AI, AR/VR, robotics, drones, IoT, cibersecurity…? Then let’s talk. Apply now at

The ultimate aim of GoHub is to help improve our quality of life by creating better industrial processes and more sustainable cities.

Antonio Huerta (GoHub’s Program Manager), Patricia Pastor (GoHub’s Managing Director) and Juanjo Martínez (CFO of Global Omnium).

GoHub is an exclusive hub and part of Global Omnium’s core strategy. Our accelerator program is led by experts with extensive experience in creating startups and developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We’re used to pushing boundaries. You might say we’re rebels with a cause. It’s in our DNA and something we’re proud of.

GoHub was founded in 2019 and since then we’ve helped more than 20 startups and invested 8 million euros. We have a state-of-the-art 2,500-metre office in Valencia, another in Barcelona (Pier01, Barcelona Tech City) and another in Seville.

GoHub Valencia HQ.

We are looking for startups with high-impact solutions based on AI, IoT, robotics, AR/VR or cybersecurity which can be used in water tech, industry 4.0 and smart cities. This disruptive technology must:

  • Water tech: improve the technology involved in the full water cycle.
  • Industry 4.0: digitalize industrial processes.
  • Smart cities: improve the sustainability of our cities and increase the number of smart buildings.

When selecting startups, we will base our decisions on:

  • Team, traction and vision: founders with the know-how necessary to create solutions in line with our values.
  • Market, impact and scalability: scalable startups with a large target market which solve a real problem.

Our accelerator program lasts 6 months. Maximum investment is €150K.

Here are just some of the benefits we offer:

  • Access to new markets
  • Access to GoHub tech experts
  • Funding
  • Office space 24/7
  • Office perks
  • Legal advice
  • Fundraising program
  • Investor day

GoHub by Global Omnium

We are part of Global Omnium, one of the world’s top 5 holding companies in the water sector. Since 2010, they have become a world-renowned company in the digitalization of the water sector by bringing disruptive technology to industrial processes. Their story is one of visionaries, pioneers, and bravery.

We believe technology is a force for good. Let us help you →


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We help deep tech startups that improve cities and industries. By Global Omnium 🤘

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