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Now you maybe thinking why would it ever be necessary to be polite online? Any pseudo name would do and no one would ever be able to track me down? Well... you’re wrong! Gabriel Weinberg founder of, explains how the search engine reduces an individual’s digital footprint in comparison to Google.As technology progresses, netiquette has become essential and has even become part of the school curriculum in America including places such as Colorado and Virginia.

Some golden rules to bear in mind when using the net online includes the following:

· Be aware of appropriate vs inappropriate information posted online.The last thing everyone wants to know is how drunk you got at a party which can potentially hurt your chances in obtaining a job in the near future. The last thing you want is to end up like this guy:

Image Source: Complex Culture

· Remember there’s another person on the other end so avoid YELLING at them in caps or cyberbullying. According to an article published by Heimdal security, 52% of teenager reported to be cyber bullied ( Cucu, 2016).It’s unnecessary, the Internet is not a platform for abuse this is not MTV please do not flip out like the Real Housewives.

Image source:ET Online

Let’s be honest here,Donald Trump sends enough negativity around the world why would we want another one?


· Plz don’t misspell words! It’s 2017 for Christ sake get it together!Not only does it show that you are uneducated but there are many hiring mangers who choose employees on the basis of how well their résumé is written and this includes spelling. If you are still unconvinced Buzzfeed posted a list of 16 Résumés that failed enjoy!

Essentially nettiqutte stinks no one ever wants to be that potty mouth Pete or become a star in idiocy similar to this one:

Image source: Giphy

Idiocy hurts but you don’t have to.

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