Another Go

Puerto Rico. February 2017. That’s the last time I was supposed to be writing and documenting my travels and failed majorly. I didn’t even try. I barely acted like I was going to. Why do you guys follow me again?

In my defense, it was a pretty short trip — only a 4-day weekend when the timing seemed good in the midst of a hectic school year. I definitely needed the break, and to see a dude who just simply makes my heart smile, and to have some fun. So I packed my bags, hoped for the best, and flew over.

Because I wasn’t writing at the time I don’t have tons to tell you about. We stayed in a hotel because he was in the middle of a move, in Levittown, PR, which is just outside of San Juan.

Levittown, PR

The first afternoon/evening we hung out with some awesome friends in San Juan. We ate some tasty food then walked around a bit. They brought me to the famous painted door.

This door has quite the story. The way I understand it, an artist got permission several years ago from the owner of the building to paint the door the colors and design of the Puerto Rican flag. For years it stood as a symbol of Puerto Rican pride, and became a popular tourist destination. When Obama signed the controversial PROMESA, however, the artist decided to mirror the sentiment of the people and change the main colors to black. It has remained that way ever since. More on that story here.

We then went and checked out the fort. For those of you who have lived in or visited St. Augustine, seeing this fort will forever change you. We think ours is pretty cool, and the first time I heard a Puerto Rican ask “you call THAT a fort?” I was totally offended. . . But now I get it. Ours is tiny. Theirs is huge. And beautiful. We didn’t make it until nightfall but it was still a sight to see.

photo cred: RGV

The next day we traveled and sightsaw and hiked around the northern part of the island toward Arecibo. We saw some caves, the ocean, some good food, a giant statue of Christopher Colombus, and went to the Caverns of Camuy.

I wish I knew what the crap that pastry was because it was DE-LI-CIOUS
Camuy Caverns

After all of that we headed off to a river for a brisk dip. It was absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know why we even tried with the camera because you just can’t capture it, but the photos turned out decent for what they are. . .

photo cred: RGV

After that we made our way to Aguadilla to hang at the beach house, and talked his brother and sister-in-law into joining us. After getting settled, checking out the beach, and getting much-needed showers, we headed out for a night on the town. . . that involved laser tag, bumper cars, and bowling! That’s right. We know how to shut it down!

The next day we hit Crash Boat, a local beach, for a few hours, where I tried my hand at pier diving. Okay pier-jumping-off-of, because I’m lame and can’t dive. It was scary as all get out but it was SO much fun. And oh my god don’t get me started on how beautiful the water was.

After Crash Boat we met up with some friends a few beaches over, talked, laughed, hung out, and eventually grabbed dinner with a couple of them before making our way back to Levittown.

Overall, coolest of cool weekends. Like us. Cool.

So that’s about all I can regurgitate for you at this point, but the best part of all of this is that I just happen to be back here in Levittown as we speak, ready to give this whole memories thing another go.

So here we go.