Replacing telnet on OS X High Sierra

Chris Lea
1 min readNov 29, 2017


For some rather inexplicable reason, Apple decided to remove the telnet utility on OS X High Sierra. At first I thought I must have just been going crazy when it disappeared, but a quick Google showed me that yes, this really happened.


I built it from source, and you can download my build. Just unzip it and put it somewhere in your $PATH and it should be usable as per normal. Here are the hash sums of the binary (meaning, the thing you get when you unzip the zip file) so you can be safe:

md5: 6a261d599ea1d694e9c8a5e35e198a22
sha256: 0436502158030bf3d0f2b5ce6489af23dc381b2a087c550ed98530eabd812e9c

Happy networking.

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