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Executive Summary

Unreliable power is a massive problem across emerging markets. Africa alone loses 5% of its GDP to this problem. Upgrading the traditional, centralized grid is immensely expensive, logistically difficult, and requires political will. Homes and businesses can use batteries and solar power, but integrating them into their existing energy mix is tough and they lack the know-how to do so. Those that do avail of these power…

A consolidated resource of Venture Capital research, models, white papers, and investment thesis

The GoingVC Research Library

Over the past few years we’ve authored a bunch of blog posts, white papers, in-depth guides, and excel-based models across almost every aspect of the Venture Capital industry.

And now, we are consolidating them all in a single location we’re calling the GoingVC Research Library.

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More About the Research Library

Here’s what you can expect to find in the Research Library:

  • Guides: Long and in-depth how-to guides for Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors. Examples include our Due Diligence, Term Sheets, and Interview Guides.
  • Models: Excel-based models…

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How should Angel Investors determine how much to allocate to startups? What about how to forecast and manage risk in their portfolio? Get the answers with the GoingVC Angel Investing Best Practices Guide and learn the critical steps nobody tells you about when starting out as an Angel, including how to review pitch decks, allocate funds, and profitably manage your investments.

To download the…

Authored by John Gannon, Co-Founder of GoingVC

Today we’re excited to announce that we’re opening enrollment for KiddoScout, a new youth financial literacy course offered by GoingVC. To request more information and jump onto the waitlist, click here.

There’s been tremendous innovation in FinTech over the last few years, particularly around democratizing access and financial literacy for elementary school kids, teenagers, and their parents.

As a parent of three elementary and middle school kids and an investor in startups, these initiatives mean a lot. Love them or hate them, venture capitalists direct the capital — and the clout — that powers our economic engine. But unfortunately most…

Members of the GoingVC Flagship Venture Capital Program have the opportunity to develop complete investment theses that are reviewed by VCs and our internal Venture Advisors. To provide actionable feedback, we have partnered with seasoned VCs to create a grading rubric. We use these theses and the Investor Program as a way to provide cohort members the hands-on experience they need in order to gain the skills and experience required to break into the Venture Capital Industry. Below we also share three full investment theses for you!

You Don’t Need to be a VC to do VC Things

Generating an investment thesis is a hallmark of being a Venture Capitalist. If…

How VCs Can Identify the Newest and Strongest Competitive Advantage in the Marketplace

Download Our Latest White Paper: Moat:Model Fit

In our latest paper we start by asking the question, “What makes one company better than another?” and dive into what company value really means by looking at how competitive advantages turn into cash flows. We also discuss in detail how companies should align its operating and business models to their competitive advantage to create a sustainable moat.

We also position network effects as the most compelling competitive advantage available to companies and demonstrate how companies can boost the power of its network effects driven advantage with AI/ML.

About the Paper

  • How to understand and define company “value”
  • The difference between the business…

GoingVC Partners is the investment vehicle of GoingVC. Interested in co-investing? Join GoingVC Angels for access to high quality, pre-diligenced deal flow and opportunities like this. For more about GoingVC Partners, click here.

Executive Summary

Foodnome, led by CEO Akshay Prabhu, a neuroscientist who loves food, is defining the home restaurant industry as the go-to resource for local regulators. We loved the early traction the company developed as the brand for home restaurants among all relevant stakeholders (diners, cooks, and regulators). Among these early metrics were healthy unit economics and the early signs of developing a regulatory-based barrier-to-entry competitive advantage within a…

GoingVC Angels

At GoingVC, our mission is to bring transparency and access to the Venture Capital industry. Now, more than ever, the industry appears willing and able to embrace many of the changes that are taking place — starting with opening doors to the many talented individuals that are traditionally shut out from the industry. With newer, more flexible regulations for accredited investors, we aim to guide this new group of investors as well as existing investors in making the best possible early-stage investment decisions.

After several years of successfully running our Venture Capital Learning Program, which includes providing hands-on experience and…

Why The Traditional VC Operating Model is Incomplete

The venture capital industry exists as a means to innovation. Does the industry itself, however, generate the types of innovations that one would expect? In this article we argue that the traditional industry operating model is becoming less and less competitive and discuss potential improvements that can be made to be more inclusive, innovative, and ultimately long lasting.

The central thesis of this is that the industry needs to move past an operating model that focuses on the limited activities as it relates to writing checks, raising funds, and managing portfolio companies and one that creates or integrates an entire…

Why Venture Valuation Methodologies Must Mature Alongside Their Companies

Learning the Fundamentals

We’ve talked about valuations quite a bit recently on our blog. And in doing so, we realized the ground between early-stage and late-stage still leaves a lot of room for discussion.

To that point, we ask, “How should valuation practices change when looking at mid-stage companies?” The business model is working, revenues are being generated, but the company is not mature or stable enough to begin generating solid cash flows.

In this case, is the VC Method still applicable? Is it worth considering some sort of cash flow based metric?

Today we’ll look at the use of industry-specific multiples based…

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