Zapya 1.6.0 for android

The Zapya software helps you transfer files to and from your devices. Take my situation for example. I have a Windows PC and an Android smartphone. Thanks to Zapya, I can wirelessly transfer files from my PC to my Android and from my Android to my PC.

iPhone users aren’t left out in the cloud. You see, Zapya is available for Microsoft’s Windows operating system, for Google’s Android mobile operating system, and for Apple’s iOS. It must be mentioned here that Zapya is available for standard iPhones and for jailbroken iPhones.

You will, of course, have to install Zapya on all your devices. The nice thing is that you won’t have any problems installing Zapya on your Windows PC, on your Android smartphone, or on your iPhone. You can then connect all your devices: connect to PC, connect to iOS, connect to Android. You can also create a group and have others join it or search for an existing group and join it.

zapya 1.6.0 for android

As I was saying above, I have a Windows PC and an Android mobile. Zapya for Windows has a user friendly and easy to navigate interface. Zapya for Android has a user friendly and easy to navigate interface as well. I can only assume that the same goes for Zapya for iOS.

Here’s a look at the main bits of functionality Zapya has to offer: wirelessly transfer files; transfer files between your devices; transfer files to and from a friend’s devices; connect a PC with an Android and an iPhone; create groups, join groups; share your PC’s network connection; set it so Zapya automatically runs at startup.

Thanks to Zapya you can easily transfer files between a PC, Android, or iPhone.


Zapya is available for multiple platforms: Windows, Android, iOS (standard and jailbroken). It is quite easy to install Zapya on a Windows PC. There’s nothing complicated about Zapya’s interface. Use Zapya to wirelessly transfer and receive files. Use Zapya to share your PC’s internet connection.


None that I could think of.

You can download Zapya free here.

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