Dating Apps: Old Dog New Trick


If you know me, I have a kajillion (yes, with a “k” and “j”) ideas. Sometimes half-baked, sometimes fully baked, but aways [clever joke here]. So in the grand tradition of a favorite podcast of mine, I would like to present to you, my own list of Half-Baked Ideas.

P.S. This list will be updated with new ideas and reordered based on 2% feedback and 98% my own excitement for the idea.

Now on to the show!

I love dating apps! I mean, how will I know if you really like me unless you swiped right? Dating apps is an old dog who learns a new trick every few years, whether that be via niche audiences (Grindr, JDate, or just reinventing the wheel (Tinder, The Catch).

But why not combine people’s online dating with everyone’s favorite online pastime? Voyeurism! When you go out and try to chat someone up — gulp — in person, are you worried if someone is going to overhear your game? Why wouldn’t that apply to a dating app?

I pitch to you, an open conversation dating app.

Imagine being able to read everyone’s chats. How crazy would that be?! Imagine someone trying to chat with you based on the conversation you had with someone else?

Oh, that last guy didn’t get your joke, but I did. You’re hilarious! Love me.

I know what you’re thinking, it’s never going to fly. People don’t want their business out in the open. I don’t think that’s the case. You just have to teach the old dog a new trick.

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